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Why Blue Beauty Should Be Our Next Green Beauty by Tatler

Blue beauty is a facet of green beauty, but it specifically supports ocean conservation, using reef-safe ingredients and moving towards zero-waste packaging, or packaging that is virtually plastic-free. ‘Project Blue Beauty’ was spearheaded by the founder of Beauty Heroes, Jeannie Jarnot, in an effort to create a better and bluer planet.

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Oprah Daily

What “Clean Beauty” Means Now

It’s the crypto of the beauty industry—trendy, growing, and no one can explain what it is very easily. To get to the bottom of it, we spoke with dozens of experts to...

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Latinx Beauty is gaining traction

Like K-Beauty, J-Beauty and A-Beauty before it, Latinx beauty is gaining traction: Nordstrom announced the expansion of its selection of Latinx-founded brands in September...

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