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Ingredient Intel

Ayuna Eye Serum

Kryptosomes: Intelligent Encapsulation by Ayuna

Finding unprecedented and ultra-advanced formulas in an oversaturated industry seems like an impossible task, but the minds behind Ayuna are not afraid to rise to a challenge. Each new formula is an effort that carries behind it never-ending hours of study with a single obsession: affirming our brand’s values until excellence is achieved. Each product …

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Maya Chia The Mane Agent™

The Mane Agent: The Long and the Short of it

Continually pushing the bounds of clean science, Maya Chia is well known for highly effective skincare, but is now gaining equal credibility for active, proven hair care products. Through extensive research and a serious commitment to perfecting their formulations, the company has cut through the clutter of the beauty landscape with solutions for some of …

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Silicone’s Place In Beauty

It’s 2023 and Silicones still take a prominent position in beauty products from clean to conventional, they’re everywhere. It’s estimated that the annual production of cosmetic silicones has reached 8-10 million tons per year. What was once considered a neutral issue has now become a significant environmental concern. It’s rare that an environmental issue can …

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The Vagus Nerve: A Pathway to Relaxation

With the launch of their latest product, Vagus Nerve Bath Oil, OSEA completes their Vagus Nerve Collection, a trio of products that soothe and relax with an aromatherapeutic blend of essential oils in three delivery methods. Before we explore them, take a moment to learn about the vagus nerve. This vital nerve is the longest …

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Regenerative Ingredient Sourcing

Blue Beauty: Regenerative Ingredient Sourcing

Ingredient sourcing is everything. As we learn more about the toll fast beauty, fast fashion and fast food has on our environment, the full life cycle of the ingredients that make up our Hero products must come into more focus. Most Beauty Heroes brands begin with an ingredient story, and that story includes the growers, …

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Graydon Skincare Launches Moon Boost Serum

A perfect match for sluggish skin: the Moon Boost Serum by Graydon Skincare is finally here! Beauty Heroes is excited to showcase a new launch from this Canadian, results-oriented skincare brand. Founded by vegan chef and yoga instructor, Graydon Moffat, this skincare line began when she was in Southern California, cooking holistically with super foods …

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