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Introducing NEED-LE: Ayuna’s Groundbreaking Skincare Innovation for Luminous Skin

In the realm of skincare innovations, Ayuna unveils its latest masterpiece: NEED-LE Brightening Channeling Nectar, a groundbreaking serum designed to elevate luminosity, even out skin tone, and protect the skin’s microbiota. Aptly dubbed as “IPL in a bottle,” this transformative formula, originally introduced as ‘Terra Clara’, now finds its permanent place among the Ayuna collection, …

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Stamps of Approval; A Closer Look at Certifications

Not everyone can be an expert on ingredient safety, farming practices, manufacturing and packaging, and the ethical treatment of animals. But if you’re a Beauty Heroes customer, we’re guessing at least some of these things are extremely important to you, because you’ve chosen to shop a curation of brands meticulously selected for their safety and …

Ayuna Eye Serum

Kryptosomes: Intelligent Encapsulation by Ayuna

Finding unprecedented and ultra-advanced formulas in an oversaturated industry seems like an impossible task, but the minds behind Ayuna are not afraid to rise to a challenge. Each new formula is an effort that carries behind it never-ending hours of study with a single obsession: affirming our brand’s values until excellence is achieved. Each product …