Ingredient Intel

Saving Face: Perioral Dermatitis

We get a lot of skincare questions about skincare for perioral dermatitis sent to us at Beauty Heroes, sometimes accompanied with pictures and pleas for help. We always respond with product recommendations, and often a warning; skin conditions are rarely solved by just putting something ON your skin. Diet, hormones and lifestyle often underlie the most common …

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Juna CBD Products available at Beauty Heroes

The Juna CBD Difference

Juna CBD  is redefining wellness by creating plant-powered formulas to optimize mind, body, mood and sleep for the women who manage it all. The ‘do it all’ generation of women are experiencing sensory and schedule overload like never before. The result — anxiety is the #1 leading mental health disorder in America, 55% are stressed, …

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LILFOX Product Collection

LILFOX: Couture Skincare Extraordinaire

One thing I’ve learned throughout my career is that companies and brands are living, breathing, evolving organisms. As we approach seven years of Beauty Heroes discoveries, it’s wonderful to experience the evolution of my favorite green beauty brands first-hand. And no evolution has been quite as exhilarating and fun-filled as that of LILFOX and its …

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Nocturnal Repair Active Emulsion by Blüh Alchemy

Your Guide to Glycation

Are you devoted to your skincare routine but haven’t heard of glycation yet? While there’s no reason for alarm, understanding glycation may help to understand the root cause of premature aging, and provide a holistic way of understanding the link between sugar, protein and collagen –  and the appearance of our skin. Glycation is more …

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Blissoma Products

Follow Your Bliss

If there’s one thing we’ve learned recently, it’s that the only constant is change. Adaptation is necessary for survival, and this holds true for our skin as well. And when it comes to skincare, Blissoma Founder Julie Longyear is our resiliency coach. And the best coaches are those who’ve been there, done that – failed …

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A collection of hair loss support products available at Beauty Heroes

Hair Today. Hair Tomorrow.

Thick and shiny. Bouncy, wavy. Long and healthy. Silky smooth. Attaining enviable hair is such a part of our culture’s beauty narrative, they even made a sixties rock musical about it. But enter stress, hormones, aging, a pandemic, and that hair down-to-there turns out to be thin, prone-to-breakage, I-hate-my-hair hair. Hair loss in women is …

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