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Blue Beauty Introducing Pact Collection

Blue Beauty:
Let’s Make A Pact

Beauty Heroes vision is to help you Live Lighter, Love More. One of the ways we do that is by getting educated, staying up-to-date and educating our community about beauty packaging. We all WANT to live lighter on this planet, and we hope to give you the resources to address the HOW. If you’ve been here for a while, you know that we have introduced TerraCycle, a company that, for years, has partnered with brands and companies to recycle almost anything. While TerraCycle is still in full swing, another player has entered the space, with a specific focus on beauty and wellness packaging; introducing Pact, a nonprofit collective that is aimed at education, collaboration and circularity.

Beauty Heroes has partnered with Pact to educate global community about beauty packaging and collect it in our Northern California Flagship store. Founded by beauty industry executives, the Pact team understands the unique issues that belie beauty packaging. Through this understanding they extend their process beyond collection, to help consumers comprehend how to best recycle packaging in their mainstream system versus through Pact. This key component of the process reduces a customer’s carbon footprint, so readily recyclable beauty packaging isn’t being shipped to a Pact processing center, when it is able to be recycled at home.

Pact goes the extra mile. They work with brands to reduce and improve packaging options and with consumers to help them understand how to be more effective with their efforts. They are making it possible for brands and consumers to go further together. - Jeannie Jarnot

Our Beauty Heroes Flagship Store is now one of the hundreds of Pact Drop Locations around the United States. If you are not located in our immediate area, you can search for the nearest Pact bin on their location finder. Or, you can use their easy mail-back program to recycle your unrecyclable empties from any brand with just a few clicks.

But before you do, be sure to spend some time discovering what you should recycle at home and what you should send to Pact. And be sure your items are as clean and empty as possible to make sure that they can go through the recycling process.

Pact Bin Drop-off

To get you started, here’s a short list of some common beauty packaging and where it goes:

Softer, pliable plastic bottles #1, #2, #5
All aluminum tubes and bottles
All food-grade glass bottles + jars
All cardboard and paper packaging
All stainless-steel bottles and components
Hard plastic bottles, all other types
All plastic and bio-plastic tubes
Hard, thick, heat-treated glass bottles
All mascara/lip gloss/ lipstick tubes
All bottle/jar caps and pumps
All droppers and applicators
All pouches
All compacts + palettes
Toothpaste tubes + dental floss