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Blue Beauty: How To TerraCycle At Home

You’re doing all the right things: you shop local with a reusable bag, you’ve sworn off plastic and single use items and impulse purchases, and you salvage items from the Goodwill pile to reuse, rewear and rescue from the landfill. But what do you do with all the other stuff? The old computer keyboard, the tangle of cords in the garage, your miscellaneous cleaning and beauty products or your dull razors?

Present in 20 countries, TerraCycle tackles the issue of trash from many angles, acting as a resource for hard-to-recycle items through national, first of their kind recycling programs. Together, these programs fill the gaps in city-funded recycling programs, offering clearer instruction, easier access and fewer limitations about what, in fact, can be recycled. (At TerraCycle, everything can be recycled.)

So regardless of where you live, you can recycle anything with TerraCycle at home in one of three ways:

Mail in your products through one of their many Free Recycling Programs.

Some of these programs are organized by category, and nearly every category you can think of is represented. From oral care to aerosols, there’s a bin for it at TerraCycle. But what’s truly inspiring is how many brands have partnered with them to create their own free program. So, if you’re going through a lot of Aēther Beauty products, or Gerber baby food, for instance, you can sign up to receive a brand-specific box to load up and ship back.

Find a Drop Off location near you

Many leading companies have partnered with TerraCycle and baked this expense into their business model. While there are many boxes designed especially for business waste, like supplies, many businesses are making these boxes a part of the customer experience, inviting locals to find a Terracycle drop-off location for their hard-to-recycle items. In Northern California? You can drop off your miscellaneous beauty products, oral care waste, razors and baby food pouches at the Beauty Heroes Novato store!

Buy and fill TerraCycle boxes at home, then send them in.

Imagine the convenience of having individual category-specific Terracycle zero-waste boxes so you can TerraCycle at home? No individual envelopes to order or drop off locations to find. Now you can order boxes by room – kitchen, bathroom, garage, office and more – and toss your most often used, hard-to-recycle items in the bin, and send back when it’s full.

Not just because we’re committed to reducing waste in every area of our lives, but because beauty and personal care packaging can create a lot more waste than average. Each product typically has a lot of components – pumps, sprayers, tubes, gaskets and caps – that if not properly deconstructed and recycled, end up in the landfill. And, little known fact: only white and clear plastic can be recycled in traditional facilities. So where does all that colored plastic end up? Yep, landfill. We’re just not okay with this. So, in addition to challenging the beauty industry to go Blue, celebrating zero-waste brands and donating to environmental causes through 1% For The Planet, we are championing TerraCycle, and acting as a recycling resource for our local community.

It takes minimal effort to sign up and get set up, and then it’s as easy as tossing items in the “trash”. It’s not free, but it’s affordable. And best of all, TerraCycle has thought. of. everything. Whether you’re a business owner or a conscious consumer, or both, there’s a recycling box for you.

Use less. Reuse more. Recycle what you can. For everything else, TerraCycle.