Living Lighter is the ultimate luxury

Choosing products for your skin, health and home that are good for you and the planet – and feeling a deeper connection to the brands that make them – is a way of curating a life you love.

Our mission is not only to introduce you to blue beauty products and brands, but to invite a new way of living. That’s why Beauty Heroes created Project Blue Beauty, a movement to inform and inspire us to Live Lighter.

Beauty Heroes Zero Waste & Blue Beauty Products

Our Commitments

Beauty Heroes aspires to Live Lighter. We’re learning every step of the way, but we’re on the path. Here’s what you can expect from us.

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Zero Waste Retail

Through responsible ordering and forecasting, we commit to zero waste retail, meaning we sell every item we purchase from our brands.

Living Lighter Lifestyle Store

Both online and IRL, we dedicate a retail division to the most progressive and innovative sustainable lifestyle wares.

Plastic Negative

For each order from our Beauty Store, Beauty Heroes removes one pound of plastic from the environment with our partner rePurpose global making your purchase certified plastic negative.

Dedicated Blue Ambassadors

We’re committed to investing in ambassadors, agencies and brand partnerships to educate, connect and inspire Living Lighter. With their help, and yours, our goal is audacious but achievable: Project Blue Beauty will a global movement by 2022.

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Responsible Packaging

Blue things comes in small packages. We strive to pack our web orders in the smallest possible boxes, using recyclable materials and filler.


We’ve partnered with One Tree Planted to plant a tree for every online beauty store order to help re-forest our planet.


We support our local eco-conscious printers in Northern California who print on FSC certified paper using soy ink.

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Blue Beauty In Action

We’re committed to hosting annual Beach Cleanups and Recycling Initiatives open to the public.

Progressive Flagship

Our first brick and mortar in Novato, California is a hub for healthy beauty, as well as a progressive Refill/Recycle program in partnership with TerraCycle, and Living Lighter workshops.

Blue Beauty Innovation

As part of our on-going research and development, Project Blue Beauty will release a line of innovative beauty and lifestyle wares that set a higher standard for sustainability.

Can Do

Beauty Heroes inspires brands to Live Lighter. We curate the bluest brands for our Living Lighter section. These brands meet many of the following best practices:

  • They source non-GMO, organic, wild harvested ingredients
  • They use minimal outer packaging
  • Or biodegradable packaging
  • Or upcycled packaging
  • And definitely reusable packaging
  • They provide supply chain transparency
  • They work with their local suppliers
  • They opt for donated or recycled packing material
  • They have a customer-facing recycling program
  • and a smart returns donation program
  • They invest R&D budget into green technologies
  • And they’re committed to cause-based giving campaigns
  • Oh, and maybe they even aspire to be a B-Corporation

Here's What You Can Do

  • G

    Give resources to causes that invest in environmental revitalization.

  • O

    Opt for non-toxic, chemical-free, natural personal care that is gentle on our waterways.

  • B

    Buy less. Buy better.

  • L

    Look for biodegradable, upcycled and resusable packaging.

  • U

    Use less water.

  • E

    Engage in community initiatives that support environmental causes, like beach cleanups and recycle programs.

Blue Beauty + Lifestyle

Blue Beauty + Lifestyle

While all of the brands featured at Beauty Heroes meet the highest standards in ingredient sourcing and transparency, efficacy and luxury, we celebrate pioneering brands that are pressing forward with innovative packaging solutions and planet-positive initiatives that support a bluer, more beautiful planet. Discover these Eco-Heroes!

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