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Tag, You’re It: How Sustainable, Blue Beauty Practices Enable Everyone to Make a Positive Impact

Welcome to planet earth, 2019. Even people living under a rock have felt the reverberations of the cataclysmic changes that are afoot, not just in our nation, but globally. Environmental, social and political issues are converging, bringing to light the many challenges we face as a human race; challenges we’ve participated in creating and conveniently kept in the dark shadows of our awareness. These challenges are our most pressing responsibility and our highest calling. Simply put, we believe if you’re alive and breathing, you must become a part of the solution, and no longer a passive participant in the behaviors that are negatively impacting our planet. To echo the tagline of 2018, Time’s Up.

Wait, keep reading. I promise this has a happy ending.

We’re not here to guilt or shame one another into action. In fact, quite the opposite. Beauty Heroes was created to help you discover beauty, and that’s ultimately what Project Blue Beauty is, as well. It’s a movement to wake us up to the beauty that’s literally all around us and inspire us to protect it and help it thrive. The green beauty brands you know and love have brought ingredient, packaging and formulation innovation to the world…and now we’re going deeper together. Project Blue Beauty highlights the brands who are Becoming Blue, and offers practical guidance to support them, and YOU, to make better, bluer beauty choices every day.


Blue Beauty is deeper than being green, it’s a movement within the beauty industry to be more than eco-friendly and sustainable. It starts with you: the beauty consumer! How so? You can begin by actively giving back to our planet in ways that replenish and protect natural resources and our environment. Wait, so how does that affect you, the consumer? It goes further than industry professionals. Conscious consumers must choose to contribute to the greater good by supporting brands who understand the responsibility to contribute to the greater good, brands who are using their platform for net positive impact. And, it’s worth noting that there are many brands, that you already know and love, that have been doing this all along, setting an early example for what it means to be blue. 


What exactly qualifies a brand as ‘blue’? There is no clear line dividing green and blue, but instead, a beautiful gradual deepening as we all make efforts to become more intentional and impactful.

Being green means brands implement sustainable practices that help us live and consume in a way that is lighter on the planet. These practices and initiatives are very important, and we, as consumers, should support brands that continue to evolve in technology and innovation to support a greener existence in the beauty industry. As brands make the shift to Become Blue, it will create greater possibilities for you, the consumer, to support an even greater impact on the environment.

What does this mean for you? First, it means supporting brands that give back to causes — that directly support environmental health and revitalization — through monetary donations, profit sharing or volunteer time. Once we feel our deep connection to mother nature, and see with our own eyes how individual and corporate consumption impacts her, we naturally want to become more intentional about every step of our supply chain. Be mindful of brands that invest in farmers and producers who have solid sustainability practices in place, or brands that are doing something to protect endangered plants. Brands that are far more conscious of the materials they use for packaging, options that are not merely recyclable, but renewable. Once we accept the invitation to support brands to Become Blue, our solution-oriented, creative minds will conceive of new and innovative ideas and, together, we will truly disrupt our industry for the better. And it starts with you! Here’s how you can differentiate brands that are Being Green and Becoming Blue. 

Brands that are Being Green

  • Strive to operate as sustainably as possible
  • Use minimal packaging that is recyclable or biodegradable
  • Use organic, fair trade and non-GMO ingredients
  • Use only biodegradable ingredients (no silicone, dimethicone, paraffin wax, PEG’s etc)
  • Use bio-degradable packing materials – cornstarch peanuts, paper wrap, paper tape, cellulose etc. No bubble wrap, plastic tape or styrofoam
  • Use sustainable palm oil
  • Eliminate extraneous packaging 
  • Create refillable packaging
  • Are mindful of where packaging is manufactured, minimizing the carbon footprint and ensuring that components are indeed recyclable
  • Educate consumers on how to properly recycle packaging for minimum impact
  • Work with local vendors, to minimize the carbon footprint
  • Print on certified FSC (forest stewardship council) paper, typically slightly more expensive
  • Choose to power their facilities with green energy if available, using solar energy
  • Eliminate single-use plastics from the work environment, everything from cups to pens
  • Incentivize employees and/or consumer for taking mass transit

Brands that are Becoming Blue

  • Engage in business practices that give back to our environment
  • Pledge 1% for the planet
  • Give to One Tree Planted or other organizations that focus on reforestation
  • Give back to another environmental organization (ex: the Surfrider Foundation)
  • Invest in farmers or producers who can grow and tend to more land in a way that benefits the planet
  • Invest in regenerating a plant that is endangered (like Sandalwood)
  • Choose renewable, regenerative packaging, like plantable packaging
  • Use materials that have been upcycled 
  • Sponsor community events; beach cleanups and volunteering time to environmental organizations
  • Build environmental awareness and positive activism into your business model and corporate culture
  • Become, support or work with only blue ambassadors and influencers


As a fellow earthling and entrepreneur, my greatest goal for Project Blue Beauty is for beauty and personal care companies and consumers to look at the way we operate and consume through a new, blue lens. I envision a day when we happily and creatively take on these challenges in the spirit of love and the common good. Not because it is trendy, but because we are all in this together. I want us to learn from each other and lean on each other, sharing best practices and new discoveries that help us all co-exist sustainably.

I promised this would end on a happy note, and indeed it will. Not just this blog, but the new story we’re writing together for our planet. As Jeff Bridges said: Tag, you’re it.

Stay tuned to Project Blue Beauty. We’ll be announcing our 2019 events and initiatives soon!