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The Hero’s Journey


The Vagus Nerve: A Pathway to Relaxation

With the launch of their latest product, Vagus Nerve Bath Oil, OSEA completes their Vagus Nerve Collection, a trio of products that soothe and relax with an aromatherapeutic blend of essential oils in three delivery methods. Before we explore them, take a moment to learn about the vagus nerve. This vital nerve is the longest …

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Deep Cuts Bathing Culture Scents

Bathing Culture Masters The Art of Scent

It all started with a single Hero product; Bathing Culture’s Cathedral Grove Mind & Body Wash was launched as a brisk walk through a California redwood forest, in a bottle. This inaugural launch is perfectly balanced, universally appealing and loved by just about everyone I know. It’s known as the soap in the rainbow bottle. …

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Bathing Culture Products

The Journey Begins with Bathing Culture

In the spirit of progress and positive energy that comes with each new year, we introduce our first Discovery of 2023, a long-awaited 4-piece bath and shower ritual by Bathing Culture. Inspired by a day-long hike in Northern California, this hair and body set is as rejuvenating as daybreak, as invigorating as a skinny dip, …

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Josh Rosebrook Products

The All-Weather Hydration Ritual with Josh Rosebrook

No matter where in the world you are, ’tis the season to hyper-hydrate your skin. Warm climates can be just as dehydrating as colder ones, so protecting skin from trans epidermal water loss is an all-weather sport, and necessary for all skin types. This Josh Rosebrook-exclusive ritual features five biocompatible formulas that deliver deep hydration, …

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True Botanicals Products

Phyto-Retinol Evening Ritual with True Botanicals

Turns out, vitamin A is something of a wonder. Neither naturally produced in the body, nor found on its own in plants or animals, vitamin A is nevertheless an essential nutrient for optimal skin and body health. In animals, vitamin A is found as a fat-soluble retinol. Animal-derived and synthetic forms of have earned “retinol” …

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Blue Beauty Introducing Pact Collection

Blue Beauty:
Let’s Make A Pact

Beauty Heroes vision is to help you Live Lighter, Love More. One of the ways we do that is by getting educated, staying up-to-date and educating our community about beauty packaging. We all WANT to live lighter on this planet, and we hope to give you the resources to address the HOW. If you’ve been …

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