The Hero’s Journey

Ingredients® Products

Ingredients® Defies All Labels

The brand is a newcomer, but its founders are no strangers to beauty. The husband-wife visionaries behind Art Of Shaving, Myriam and Eric Malka became fanatical about botanicals before ‘clean beauty’ ever bloomed. As industry insiders, they had an advantage: they already knew the best chemists and suppliers. But they also knew the truth: most …

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Beauty Heroes in Mailbox

Blue Beauty: Staying In Ship Shape

Being an eco-conscious beauty company requires that we are experts on way more than lipstick and face oil. Who would have thought that some of our disciplines would become shipping logistics, retail packaging and most recently, carbon offsets? The thing that we’ve learned is that how a company transports their product to you matters, a …

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Solara Skincare

Solara Suncare: More Than Sun Protection

  We take sun protection very seriously here at Beauty Heroes. That is why we only recommend the best healthy SPF for you to add to your skincare routine, and finding the right SPF for you isn’t always easy. We only highlight clean beauty brands that formulate high-quality, effective sunscreens with a physical block plus …

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How Golde Uses Better Ingredients for Body and Beauty

  At Beauty Heroes, our collection of clean, green and blue beauty brands and products represent some of the leaders in our industry. While each of them is motivated by a unique vision and mission, we’ve selected them all because we believe that in some way, they bring unique value to our lives. Speaking of …

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Founder to Founder

Founder to Founder with Claire from The Clean Beauty Box I met Claire Molyneaux, Founder of The Clean Beauty Box a few years ago at a beauty event, and since then have followed her meticulous curation and perspective on clean beauty at what was originally Art of Organics, which then transitioned to The Clean Beauty …

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Cancel Dry Skin

Cancel Dry Skin Season with Luv Scrub

  They say dry skin isn’t serious. We say it can be prevented, as long as you have the right tools at your disposal. It is a common affliction, and it’s caused by many different factors. Understanding this is the first step to canceling dry skin season. Of course, reaching for the gentle exfoliating effects …

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