The Hero’s Journey

Nocturnal Repair Active Emulsion by Blüh Alchemy

Your Guide to Glycation

Are you devoted to your skincare routine but haven’t heard of glycation yet? While there’s no reason for alarm, understanding glycation may help to understand the root cause of premature aging, and provide a holistic way of understanding the link between sugar, protein and collagen –  and the appearance of our skin. Glycation is more …

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Blüh Alchemy Products

Blüh Alchemy’s Nocturnal Repair Targets Glycation

If you’re just discovering Blüh Alchemy, you’re in for a treat. This high-functioning green beauty brand has been a favorite of ours (and yours) for several years now, ever since we were first introduced to Becky Blüh and her masterful talent for innovative, complex and effective formulations that deliver on their promise, and then some. …

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B Corp

The Buzz Around the B

To B or not to B “That is the question.” It’s already a pretty heady question, but when it comes to B Corp Beauty Brands, the question becomes ever more complex. For those of you who’ve never heard of B Corp, take a seat. We’re about to take a dive into the deep end of this …

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Clean Retinol And Plant-Based Vitamin A Decoded

As information regarding skincare products and ingredients becomes more widely known, green beauty brands are adopting new formulas and developing products that balance organic botanicals and carefully sourced active ingredients, like plant-based vitamin A or the lab-created vitamin A derivative retinol. At Beauty Heroes, we get a lot of questions about these ingredients, so we …

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How to Refill Your Bathing Culture Body Wash

Every culture bathes; this basic human necessity is a staple, universal ritual shared by all. Yet it is not simply a necessity. The act of bathing consists of a series of rituals, some unique to the individual, and often incorporates products, tools, and practices that can promote health and well-being. Bathing Culture understands that and …

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