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The Hero’s Journey

Ayuna Eye Serum

Kryptosomes: Intelligent Encapsulation by Ayuna

Finding unprecedented and ultra-advanced formulas in an oversaturated industry seems like an impossible task, but the minds behind Ayuna are not afraid to rise to a challenge. Each new formula is an effort that carries behind it never-ending hours of study with a single obsession: affirming our brand’s values until excellence is achieved. Each product …

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Maya Chia The Mane Agent™

The Mane Agent: The Long and the Short of it

Continually pushing the bounds of clean science, Maya Chia is well known for highly effective skincare, but is now gaining equal credibility for active, proven hair care products. Through extensive research and a serious commitment to perfecting their formulations, the company has cut through the clutter of the beauty landscape with solutions for some of …

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Ayuna Products

Ayuna’s Morning Mindfulness Skin Ritual

Inspired by psycho-dermatology, Ayuna has formulated products and ceremonies that adapt the practices of mindfulness into beauty and personal care. Since reducing stress is a key to unlocking more beautiful skin, Ayuna sees self-care as stress relief. Before the demands of the day pull you away, we invite you to begin with this month’s Morning …

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Silicone’s Place In Beauty

It’s 2023 and Silicones still take a prominent position in beauty products from clean to conventional, they’re everywhere. It’s estimated that the annual production of cosmetic silicones has reached 8-10 million tons per year. What was once considered a neutral issue has now become a significant environmental concern. It’s rare that an environmental issue can …

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YINA Products

The Yang Shen Skin Ritual

From diet to sleep to beauty routines, balance is a daily practice. It requires commitment, consistency and care, but eventually these practices become a comfort. They are tried-and-true routines that add structure and provide balance. It is in this spirit that we’ve crafted a daily Yang Sheng skin ritual, featuring YINA. Follow as instructed, or …

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Henné Organics, Leahlani and Ingredients® Products

Quintessential Evening Routine with Henné

If time is the ultimate luxury, a simplified life is the most elegrant strategy. This is the approach of Henné. We believe that simple routines are the highest form of luxury because they give you back more of what need most – time. Easy to follow AM and PM routines remove the guess work and …

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