The Hero’s Journey

From The Tropics With Love!

Named after her great grandmother who ran the first apothecary in Cali, Columbia, Giovanna Campagna created Joaquina Botánica as a tribute to the natural beauty and self-care rituals of Latin American women. Joaquina Botánica embraces the vibrant, energetic vibe of the tropics, marrying exotic, natural botanicals with clinical actives to illuminate skin’s natural radiance. Nutrient-dense …

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How Earthwise Beauty Brings the Natural World Into Your Skincare

  Whenever a clean beauty brand goes above and beyond the industry standard to demonstrate quality products, commendable business practices, and a sincere love for the craft, we feel compelled to highlight their efforts and share their work with others. We are always excited to shine a spotlight on amazing clean beauty brands and show …

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Honua Skincare Founder Kapua Browning

Blue Beauty: Honua Returns Home

The first time I met Kapua Browning, Founder of Honua Skincare, she told me her story of why she left Hawaii with her family to live on the mainland. Having grown up in Hawaii myself, her story felt familiar and was especially relatable. She explained how hard it is for locals to thrive there, as …

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Roller Rabbit: A Beautiful Balance of Perfection and Imperfection

Sustainability, healthy ingredients, and performance are some of the things we stand for here at Beauty Heroes. While many of our products are for skin, body and self-care, we carry a few accessories we truly love that are worthy of the spotlight for other, but similar reasons. Roller Rabbit is an example of one of …

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Eu’Genia Shea: All That Is Good

Eu’Genia Shea is a blue beauty brand at Beauty Heroes with social impact at the heart of its origins. Founded by Naa-Sakle Akuete in partnership with her mom Eugenia, this mother-daughter duo work with women’s cooperatives in Ghana to grow and process the highest quality, pure unadulterated shea butter. Eugenia, formerly the president of the …

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Saving Face: Perioral Dermatitis

We get a lot of skincare questions about skincare for perioral dermatitis sent to us at Beauty Heroes, sometimes accompanied with pictures and pleas for help. We always respond with product recommendations, and often a warning; skin conditions are rarely solved by just putting something ON your skin. Diet, hormones and lifestyle often underlie the most common …

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