The Hero’s Journey

Le Prunier – The Benefits of Plum Seed Oil

Le Prunier, “the plum tree,” in French; it is an elegant name whose melodious ring is substantiated by the far-reaching, holistic benefits offered by the product that bears the same name. The name may be recognizable to some of you as a revolutionary beauty oil that makes artful use of a 100% pure, California plum …

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A collection of hair loss support products available at Beauty Heroes

Hair Today. Hair Tomorrow.

Thick and shiny. Bouncy, wavy. Long and healthy. Silky smooth. Attaining enviable hair is such a part of our culture’s beauty narrative, they even made a sixties rock musical about it. But enter stress, hormones, aging, a pandemic, and that hair down-to-there turns out to be thin, prone-to-breakage, I-hate-my-hair hair. Hair loss in women is …

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Mukti Products

Mukti Organics X Factor

Since our launch last year, Mukti Organics has quickly emerged as one of our most trusted brands for holistic skincare that achieves results. Part organic botanicals, native Australian extracts and well-researched actives, Mukti’s formulas seem to strike the perfect balance of green beauty paired with peptides, retinol, niacinamide and Vitamin C in all the right …

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Zero Waste Personal Care Products

Solid For Good

If you’ve been following along with Beauty Heroes, you’ve noticed we’ve been continually growing our zero waste personal care category online and in our Northern California store. These are the most exciting products for me to discover right now for several reasons. Professionally and personally, I love the joy of finding a product that really …

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OSEA: The Fruits of Ocean, Sun, Earth, and Atmosphere

OSEA’s namesake is of ocean, sun, earth, and atmosphere, a reminder that the finest ingredients come from the natural world and that OSEA’s skincare products are the combination and distillation of them. When OSEA began nearly thirty years ago, its founder was driven by a single purpose: to find and use nature’s choice resources to …

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Maya Chia Power Fol

The Fol Effect

Whether from stress, hormones, aging or illness, hair thinning, and hair loss can happen to anyone. While hair naturally goes through cycles of increased shedding, if you’re finding more than your fair share in your brush or shower basin, it may be time for a Fol-on intervention. Today we’re diving deep into Maya Chia’s approach …

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