The Hero’s Journey

Zero Waste Beauty Swap

Project Blue Beauty: Your Live Lighter Shopping List

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve already started your healthy beauty journey, and because it feels so good (and looks so good on you!), you’re looking for more ways to clean your routine. You’ve likely already discovered the skin benefits of switching to clean skincare. You’ve discovered, to your astonishment, that the color payoff …

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FitGlow Products

Waking Up Fresh Faced in 2021 with Fitglow

I met Anna almost three years ago when we bonded over healthy beauty that performs and our common Polish heritage. At that time, she shared her struggle with Rosacea and skin redness, which led to our first Beauty Heroes Discovery in February 2018 featuring Cloud Comfort Cream as our Hero product and Redness Rescue Cream …

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Project Blue Beauty: When Negative Is Positive

Project Blue Beauty: Plastic Negative Is Positive

We’ve been talking about reducing plastic consumption for years, but this year, the conversation reached a climax. We know that it takes village, but we believe the credit is yours. It’s all of you conscious beauty consumers who have pushed for more transparency, kept the conversation alive and ultimately put your money where your values …

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AYUNA TERRA, The Ultimate Green Beauty Innovation

Ayuna is one of those brands that I’ve learned to never underestimate. Time after time, they surprise me with their ability to bring to life an exciting, artisan, scientifically sound product that captures my full attention. It was a little over a year ago when the Ayuna Team introduced the concept of Terra to me …

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Biophile: Designed To Thrive

It’s November 2020 and there’s never been a better time to disrupt the status quo. This month’s Biophile Skincare Hero product brings the change our skin has been waiting for. Designed from the perspective of nature, Biophile is a paradigm-shifting beauty brand that has reinvented the way skincare is made. But before we reveal how, …

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Jeannie Jarnot

It Takes Two To Make A Thing Go Blue

Companies and Customers Must Commit Two years ago, Project Blue Beauty started as a conversation. After a lightbulb moment at a business summit, Beauty Heroes Founder Jeannie Jarnot realized that the green beauty industry was ripe for disruption. Ingredient transparency and recyclable packaging were table stakes; more effort, intention and innovation was needed to make …

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