Behind the Scenes

RiseWell Toothpaste Changing the Way We Look at Dental Care

Toothpaste is one of those necessities that is really difficult to go without. Most of us would put it right up there next to deodorant and soap as an everyday good that we rely on to take care of ourselves. It is so common in fact, that most of us tend to buy it pretty …

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Doctor Rogers Skincare

Tips to Keep Eczema Away

Flakiness and eczema can happen 365 days a year, but cold winter air can make dryness even worse. Dry skin, says Heather D. Rogers, dermatologist, dermatologic surgeon, and founder & CEO of Doctor Rogers skincare, “is simply skin that does not have the optimal amount of oil and water in it. It is common to …

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Exploring the Potential of Refillable Products With Fitglow Beauty

It’s a reality that we all live with: many of the beauty products we use and rely on every day create a significant amount of waste over time. Just consider the number of empty jars and bottles you alone throw out in a year. Certain brands are making important strides to be more sustainable however. …

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Alpyn Beauty

Into The Wild: Alpyn Beauty

Introducing Alpyn Beauty, a brand that embraces the unique qualities of wildcrafted botanical ingredients. The term ‘wildcrafted’ sounds earthy and natural, sure, but sourcing ingredients from the wild is a specialized practice, and one that’s been embraced and perfected by Alpyn Beauty. Not your typical wildcrafting, green beauty formulator, native Manhattanite and Founder of Alpyn …

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Honua Skincare Founder Kapua Browning

Blue Beauty: Honua Returns Home

The first time I met Kapua Browning, Founder of Honua Skincare, she told me her story of why she left Hawaii with her family to live on the mainland. Having grown up in Hawaii myself, her story felt familiar and was especially relatable. She explained how hard it is for locals to thrive there, as …

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Juna CBD Products available at Beauty Heroes

The Juna CBD Difference

Juna CBD  is redefining wellness by creating plant-powered formulas to optimize mind, body, mood and sleep for the women who manage it all. The ‘do it all’ generation of women are experiencing sensory and schedule overload like never before. The result — anxiety is the #1 leading mental health disorder in America, 55% are stressed, …

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