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Behind the Scenes


The Vagus Nerve: A Pathway to Relaxation

With the launch of their latest product, Vagus Nerve Bath Oil, OSEA completes their Vagus Nerve Collection, a trio of products that soothe and relax with an aromatherapeutic blend of essential oils in three delivery methods. Before we explore them, take a moment to learn about the vagus nerve. This vital nerve is the longest …

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Blue Beauty Introducing Pact Collection

Blue Beauty:
Let’s Make A Pact

Beauty Heroes vision is to help you Live Lighter, Love More. One of the ways we do that is by getting educated, staying up-to-date and educating our community about beauty packaging. We all WANT to live lighter on this planet, and we hope to give you the resources to address the HOW. If you’ve been …

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Blue Beauty PRIMA's Proofed Points

Blue Beauty: PRIMA’s Proof Points

What’s a Proof Point and why do we care? Beauty Heroes works with over 110 of the most people + planet conscious brands in the world, for real. When we meet a new brand, we look at the company holistically, from Founder to ingredients, processes to values. We ask the hard questions because you shouldn’t …

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Three Ships Products

Nourishing Night Routine with Three Ships Beauty

Three Ships set sail in 2017 with Laura Burget and Connie Lo with the mission to be the most effective natural beauty brand in the world. Beginning with $4000 in savings, Laura and Connie started off by making their own handmade formulations in Connie’s apartment kitchen. They were frustrated with the lack of effective, affordable …

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Laurel Farm

Slow Farmed Beauty, A Reverence For People + Planet

Beauty Heroes has been a proud partner of Laurel Skin for almost eight years. Because the Laurel Skin Lab and headquarters are just a few miles up the road from us, we’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy a deep connection with the brand, picking up our orders in person in most instances, enjoying visits and …

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Regenerative Ingredient Sourcing

Blue Beauty: Regenerative Ingredient Sourcing

Ingredient sourcing is everything. As we learn more about the toll fast beauty, fast fashion and fast food has on our environment, the full life cycle of the ingredients that make up our Hero products must come into more focus. Most Beauty Heroes brands begin with an ingredient story, and that story includes the growers, …

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