Behind the Scenes

AYUNA TERRA, The Ultimate Green Beauty Innovation

Ayuna is one of those brands that I’ve learned to never underestimate. Time after time, they surprise me with their ability to bring to life an exciting, artisan, scientifically sound product that captures my full attention. It was a little over a year ago when the Ayuna Team introduced the concept of Terra to me …

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Jeannie Jarnot

It Takes Two to Make a Thing Go Blue: Blue Beauty, That Is

Companies and Customers Must Commit Two years ago, Project Blue Beauty started as a conversation. After a lightbulb moment at a business summit, Beauty Heroes Founder Jeannie Jarnot realized that the green beauty industry was ripe for disruption. Ingredient transparency and recyclable packaging were table stakes; more effort, intention and innovation was needed to make …

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At Pai, Skincare Is Personal

This month I’m excited to share the story behind Pai Skincare. Launched earlier this year at Beauty Heroes, Pai is known generally as the sensitive skin green beauty brand. However, that is far from the whole story, there’s so much more to this vibrant and complex skincare range manufactured in London. Pai was born 13 …

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Josh Rosebrook Is Feeling Blue

If you ask any brand founder they will tell you that creating the groundbreaking formula for their product is only a fraction of the process of bringing it to life. Stability testing, trademarking, branding, scaling, and packaging must all be perfectly executed to deliver the goods to us, the customer. For indie bands, packaging options …

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Josh Rosebrook’s Acid Trip

Hit after hit, Josh Rosebrook consistently delivers the goods. It’s the only brand to be featured in our Monthly Discovery 5 times, and from his first Hero product to his fifth, I’ve come to recognize his distinct recipe for success. As a founder and formulator, Josh only starts down the path of new product development …

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The Relaunch of A Hero, Velo by Ayuna

If you’re new to Beauty Heroes, I’m excited for you to get to know one of my everyday Hero products, Velo from Ayuna. If you were with us last May, when we first introduced Velo in our monthly Beauty Discovery, this will be a welcome reintroduction. If you’re new to Beauty Heroes, I’m thrilled to …

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