How Can We Live Lighter & Love More?

Living Lighter is how we describe aspiring to a less wasteful lifestyle. There is an amazing zero-waste movement happening all over the world that is so exciting to watch and be a part of. But for many, the words zero-waste feel unattainable and maybe a little off-putting. But living lighter is something we can all do. It’s an everyday practice.

We’re not here to guilt or shame one another into action. In fact, quite the opposite. Beauty Heroes was created to help you discover beauty that’s healthy for you and the environment.

Live Lighter. Love More.

Here Are the Ways Beauty Heroes Helps You Live Lighter


When we are connected to our products and we understand what we are using on our skin, we turn routine into ritual and we savor our experience. This tends to lead to loving more and using less. Beauty Heroes is committed to creating a personal connection through education.

Slow Down, Savor More

We slow down beauty discovery, delivering one brand, one Hero product at a time. Incorporating one new product into your routine at a time will likely inspire you to value less, but better in other areas of your life.

Less But Better

We take pride in taking our time. Committing to identifying one Hero product allows us enough time to properly study its ingredients, efficacy and experience, so we can share a more thoughtful experience with you. This is what sets our service apart.

Sustainable Ingredients

It’s a jungle out there when it comes to ingredient sourcing, and the ethical brands we work with share the struggle to find effective and sustainability sourced biodegradable ingredients. We promise that each of our Hero brands source ingredients based on our shared values, and that products are crafted with only fully biodegradable ingredients.

Get What You Need When You Need It

Natural beauty has a much shorter shelf life than conventional beauty. We encourage our community to get what you need, when you need it. This helps ensure your product is fresh and at peak potency, and encourages you to buy only what you need, when you need it, instead of stocking up.

Standing Discount Vs. A Sale

We love a good sale, but we don’t believe that a time-sensitive discount should be the motivation to buy. This is a cultural norm that we’ve all embraced, but it often leads to waste. Our Members enjoy a standing 15% discount every day, without the pressure to act fast and buy now!

One Size Doesn't Fit All

Each order you receive is packed in an appropriate sized box. Our small team packs each order intentionally, using the minimal amount of packaging necessary to deliver your order safely and beautifully. Minimizing our footprint is a constant focus for us.

About The Top 1%

If philanthropy isn’t a part of your business model, you’re doing it all wrong. These words from Danielle LaPorte shifted the way we run our business, and inspired us to partner with 1% For the Planet, an organization that empowers action against the global environmental crisis. 1% of our top line revenue goes to environmental causes like 5 Gyres, One Tree Planted, The Rainforest Alliance and more.

Live Lighter. Love More.

Read more about how we aspire to Live Lighter with Blue Beauty content featuring environmental initiatives and introducing zero-waste beauty products on our blog.

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