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2023 Blue Beauty Awards

The 2023 Blue Beauty Award Winners

This September, the Blue Beauty Awards celebrated its fourth year recognizing companies that are pushing the boundaries of sustainable beauty. In 2022, Blue Beauty transitioned to a separate platform from Beauty Heroes, an effort to clarify Jeannie Jarnot’s goal of inviting the entire beauty industry to the movement. Blue Beauty has continued to partner with INNOCOS, a platform that celebrates innovation in beauty and wellness, to host the Blue Beauty Awards.

This year, we invited our newly announced Blue Beauty Council to judge four categories and recognize an overall Blue Beauty Brand of the year. The awards drew entrants from around the globe and all facets of the beauty industry. This year also brought us two new categories; Ingredient Innovation and Technology Disruptor.

The Blue Beauty Awards were presented live this past September at INNOCOS Austin, Texas.

Announcing, the winners of the 2023 Blue Beauty Awards:

Ingredient Innovation


Founder and CEO of Capsum, Sebastien Bardon developed a solar-powered water well that creates zero-hydric stress to source naturally salted water from more than 1,200 feet. The water is desalinated using solar power and is used in Capsum’s precision solar farm and as a pristine water source for all of their cosmetics.

“With over a quarter of our world facing water scarcity issues, their concept of creating cosmetic-grade water that doesn’t compete with human needs is remarkable. Congratulations, Capsum, for inspiring us all.”

Krupa Koestline, Founder, KKT Consultants
Blue Beauty Council Member + Judge


Having developed the first toothpaste tablet in 2003, Dentabs innovated the first modern waterless toothpaste delivery system. Eliminating water in the formula has resulted in the savings of packaging, carbon footprint, and of course, water. As companies have built upon this innovation, Dentabs has paved the way for more companies to create toothpaste tablets that are a lighter form of this important oral hygiene and personal care product.

Packaging Innovation


Akt London, a former runner-up for packaging innovation, was awarded with the prize for this year’s packaging innovation for their development of a mon-material aluminum sample tube and cap for their mini deodorant balm. Manufactured in a single production run, the packaging is 95% post-consumer recycled aluminum and a true innovation in product sampling and packaging. Ed Currie and Andy Coxon are the co-founders of Akt London, a luxury, high performance clean deodorant brand based in the UK.

“Like any great performance, there is a lot of effort that has gone into looking so effortless. It took the founders three years to launch their plastic-free sample tubes, the first in the industry. It has required high development costs and high minimum order quantities. But through ingenuity and determination, AKT London has proven that you can do the hard things the right way and be profitable.“

Rachel Roberts Mattox, Brand Consultancy
Blue Beauty Council Member and Judge.


A indie brand pushing the boundaries of sustainable skincare, Booni Doon partnered with packaging innovation company Clement Packaging to create a custom jar made from upcycled bamboo and petroleum-free, biodegradable bio resins for their new product launch the Harmony Gel Moisturizer.

Technology Disruptor


Bluebird is a climate technology company, co-founded by Jamie McCroskery and Anisha Gupta that helps beauty and personal care companies source and evaluate their packaging decisions and their climate impact, helping them to reduce their carbon footprint efficiently and effectively. Their technology & datasets from hundreds of supply chains makes it 10 times faster for beauty brands to calculate product level emissions and circularity, unlocking sustainability data in product development and marketing claims for the first time.

“Technology has immense potential to enhance businesses and create positive impacts on people and the planet. Bluebird is revolutionizing the industry with their innovative platform that measures packaging impact – often the largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and waste, particularly in relation to the product supplied – something relatively unique to beauty, where the contents is liquid gold!”

Jessi Baker, Founder, Provenance
Blue Beauty Council Member and Judge.


The Good Face Project, a leading ingredient AI and data powered software for the cosmetic industry recently launched their new product, The 360 Product Integrity Scorecard. This collaboration with their packaging solution partners gives beauty brands a full look into their formulation process from a sustainability and safety perspective. The scorecard screens products across 5 pillars and then outputs a product integrity score and report.

Positive Environmental Impact


NOHBO Founder Daniel Lopez Esser has developed hydrofills, drops and slips that can be adopted by brands as a waterless and package-free delivery system. Drops are single-dose water-soluble pods that contain a water-free liquid base. When exposed to water, the membrane dissolves allowing cosmetic ingredients to be released. Hydrofills are multi-dose water-soluble pods that contain an anhydrous hyper-concentrated base. When the Hydrofill is added to a bottle of water and shaken, a standard-sized personal care product is generated. Slips are sheets of biodegradable, water-soluble resin that has been embedded with cosmetic active ingredients. Slips melt away in seconds, and lather, condition, or cleanse extremely efficiently. With a wide variety of applications, NOHBO opens the door to new, package free formats and inspires further innovation that can drastically reduce packaging and carbon footprint.

“We selected NOHBO as our Blue Beauty Award Winner for environmental impact because of the potential their innovations of hydrofills, drops and slips can have on the beauty and personal care space for years to come. We are already starting to see brands rapidly adopt and test their plastic and water free formats in the marketplace to gauge adoption. The possibilities of how and who can use the NOHBO technology are endless.”

Jeannie Jarnot, Founder and CEO, Beauty Heroes
Blue Beauty Council Member and Judge


A green beauty pioneer, Jana Blankenship has consistently pushed Captain Blankenship to new depths. Their efforts include having all products MADE SAFE Certified and packaged in refillable aluminum bottles. The company is B Corp Certified, a member of PACT and has committed 1% for the Planet. Collaborating with a neighboring farm in Maine, Captain Blankenship sources certified organic seaweed that regenerates and reduces carbon from the environment. Their charity partners include GreenWave Regenerative Ocean Farming and Scenic Hudson, The Hudson Valley’s Largest Environmental Organization

Blue Beauty Brand of the Year


The judges of this year’s Blue Beauty Awards are proud to recognize Cheekbone Beauty as our Blue Beauty Brand of the Year, a result of their holistic approach to creating products that are lighter on the planet.Turning away from conventional beauty norms of investing in elaborate, heavy and multi-material packaging, Cheekbone embodies their traditional values of beauty, artistry, color, design and protection of nature. The Blueprint for Blue Beauty features 7 pillars: Ethical Ingredients, Supply Chain Transparency, Low Waste Packaging, Recycling Initiatives, Water & Biodiversity, Carbon Commitment and Social Impact. For a brand to tackle even one of these initiatives is commendable. But what is uniquely impressive about Cheekbone Beauty is how they have integrated nearly all of them into a thoughtful business model and brand strategy.

First and foremost, they adhere to the 7th Generation Principle which ensures that they leave enough not just for the next generation, but for the next seven generations. To that end, they have married advances in Western science with Indigenous wisdom to reduce reliance on natural resources and mitigate waste throughout their supply chain and with their packaging. This includes implementing refillable, recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable packaging solutions. As a mission driven company they are committed to supporting Indigenous youth by addressing the educational funding gap and creating a space in the beauty industry where they feel seen and represented. With their authentic and integrated approach, Cheekbone Beauty is an exemplar in Blue Beauty.

“Thank you for awarding Cheekbone Beauty the prestigious Blue Beauty Award, affirming our commitment to Indigenous values! As a brand rooted in Indigenous ways of knowing and being, we prioritize the protection and honor of all living things. Among the Anishinaabek People, who I belong to, water holds great significance as a source of life and women are revered as its guardians. This recognition means so much to us at Cheekbone Beauty.”

Jenn Harper Founder, Cheekbone Beauty
Winner of the Blue Beauty Brand of the Year 2023