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Products that use less plastic

Deep Cuts: 8 Ways To Use Less Plastic

We know many of you are practicing using less plastic every day of the year. But, we can’t help but take every opportunity to encourage small changes that add up to big impact. That was the intention of Rebecca Prinze-Ruiz in 2011 when she launched the first Plastic Free July campaign in Australia. Now a global movement, the idea is that we take this month to make strides in using a little less plastic in our daily lives.

While it may feel daunting, the research shows that many people making small shifts in consumption does measure up. So this July, and throughout the year, take joy in finding all the little ways you can live a life with just a little less plastic.

Today we’re sharing 8 ways you can do just that.

No More Shampoo + Conditioner or Laundry Detergent Bottles

With Good Juju, we discovered high-performing hair care formulas in a solid format, eliminating the need for any plastic packaging at all. When we think of all the plastic shampoo bottles we’ve used in our lifetime, making this switch definitely adds up to a lot less plastic. If you haven’t tried these bars yet, we’re here to say, they are best in class haircare in a bar.

Good Juju Shampoo Bar

Furthering their mission to eliminate 1 million plastic bottles from entering our environment, they also made high-performance, well-formulated laundry strips that come in compostable pouches. If you want to know if we’ve tested them, we have and we’ve never looked back. The shift from plastic laundry bottles to these lightweight laundry strips alone makes our green hearts swell.

Innersense Organic Beauty - Plastic Negative

Go Plastic Negative with Innersense Organic Beauty

If solid haircare just isn’t right for you, you can feel confident choosing Innersense Organic Beauty. Going beyond plastic neutral, they actually offset more plastic than they generate, and that’s been verified. Plastic offsets are donations to reclaim plastic from the environment, to off-set the plastic in your packaging. Offsetting as much as you generate gets you to neutral. Offsetting more than that makes you plastic negative. And if that wasn’t enough, all of their plastic bottles are made from PCR plastic, that’s post-consumer recycled plastic, which means their bottles are already on their second life.

Hüppy’s toothpaste tablets

Toothpaste Tabs Might Surprise You

We love Hüppy’s toothpaste tablets, just bite and brush, it’s just so easy. Incredibly portable and convenient, they make the chore of brushing your teeth just that much easier and less impactful on the planet, because plastic toothpaste tubes are NOT recyclable, ever. They go straight to the landfill. Besides being lighter on the planet, tablets require no unscrewing of the cap, no mess and no measuring. Prepare to be surprised by how much you love this plastic-free format, you may never go back.

Davids Toothpaste - Bamboo Toothbrush

Brush in Eco-Chic Style

Davids Toothpaste recently launched their new bamboo toothbrush carefully crafted in Germany (not China). In development for years, this brush features plastic-free, plant-based bristles, a bamboo handle coated in vegan wax, boxed in FSC certified paper. It’s the best sustainable toothbrush on the market.

Bathing Culture Mind & Body Wash

Refill The Rainbow

Our Hero product, Bathing Culture Mind & Body Wash is a fun way to use less plastic. Buy your first refillable glass bottle, then find a refill station (they’re located all across the United States), and fill ‘er up. We’re excited to see more and more refill-enthusiasts come into our very own refill station at the Beauty Heroes flagship store.

Nopalera Soap

Or, Just Use Really Good Soap

Fashioned in the shape of the nopal cactus (also known as the prickly pear cactus), Nopalera makes artisan soaps infused with skin nourishing ingredients. Choose Des Nuda, an unscented cactus soap, their popular detox formula Noche Clara, Planta Future (lemongrass) or Flor de Mayo (jasmine). Say goodbye to bottled body wash for good!

Ayuna Spirulite Body Mask + Wash

Try a A Solid Body Scrub

If you love luxurious body care products, Ayuna’s Spirulite Multi Active Mask is one of the most unique body products ever created. It comes in the form of solid, multi-functional, planet-loving, beautifying body discs designed to cleanse, renew, and treat dryness, cellulite, poor circulation, and flakiness, and it does all of that, sans plastic. Spirulite creates an indulgent mousse-like lather that gently cleanses while natural luffa fibers smooth rough patches and increase microcirculation to revitalize and tone. Spirulina blue-green algae, rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, leaves skin brighter, smoother, and healthier looking. Deeply nourishing sunflower seed oil and calendula hydrate for a soft and supple finish. Rinse off and enjoy smooth, revived and glowing skin.

Replace Plastic with Aluminum

Known for being infinitely recyclable, aluminum is becoming the lightweight choice for brands wanting to curb their own plastic consumption. Meow Meow Tweet recently migrated their fun design into bright, refillable aluminum bottles. Find their lightweight Aloe Rose All-Over Body Lotion and Lavender Geranium Body Oil in this new, better-for-the-earth format.