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Companies Using Provenance

Pursuing Transparency with Provenance

Tomorrow is Earth Day 2024, a day I think of as a day to build awareness that we (humanity) must be aware of the health of our planet. If you already recognize or celebrate Earth Day, and you are a Beauty Heroes customer, then you are probably already in the ‘Earth Day is Every Day’ club. You may not have known it, but each year there is a theme for Earth Day, and this year the theme is Plastic vs. Planet, which is appropriate to Beauty Heroes, and all of us because so many personal care and beauty products come in plastic packaging. For years, Beauty Heroes has worked to actively reduce our plastic footprint, particularly virgin and single-use plastic. Years ago we moved away from any single-use products (like sheet masks) or sample sachets, and we are requiring that plastic packaging used by our brands is 30% post consumer recycled (PCR). Vetting packaging is a part of our process, and we often disallow products that we think (subjectively) over-packaged. While that might not seem like a lot, or enough, the truth is that the packaging industry is slow to evolve, and even attaining a 30% PCR goal will be a challenge for many brands. While the industry at large has a very long way to go, the brands available at Beauty Heroes have been making amazing strides and are leading the way. But how can you know that? And how is that verified?

One of the loudest conversations happening in sustainability across industries is centered around transparency and greenwashing. Europe has passed legislation to prevent unsubstantiated sustainability and package recycling claims and we can only expect that similar legislation will follow in the United States. We can’t wait! While many companies across every industry are making more planet conscious decisions and doing the work to lighten their impact on the planet, the fact is that at the same time there is a substantial amount of greenwashing. Enter Provenance®, a technology platform that substantiates environmental and social impact claims made by companies. It’s been almost two years since we’ve launched our partnership with Provenance®, and we are excited to share the brands that are using this leading technology platform to bring transparency to their sustainability claims.

Innersense Organize Beauty Collection Screenshot

You will see the Provenance proof point bubbles on many of our brand pages and product pages. But the platform doesn’t just surface a proof point, customers can interact with the linked proof points by clicking on them which will allow them to view the actual documentation that a company has used to substantiate its claim on the blockchain. This offers you, the conscious consumer complete transparency, if you want it. For example, you can click on the Innersense Organic Beauty brand page and see the company-wide claims, click on each one and verify them for yourself. Or, you can go to the product page for Captain Blankenship’s top-selling Sea Salt Hair Spray and see the various proof points pertinent to that specific product.

Captain Blankenship’s top-selling Sea Salt Hair Spray Product Page Screenshot

Out of the 100+ brands that we stock at Beauty Heroes, currently 22 are onboarded with Provenance®. Most recently we’ve seen Uzima, Jackfir, Josh Rosebrook, Ere Perez and Rituel de Fille validate their claims via Provenance. While the goal is 100% participation, the reality is that transparency is challenging. Brand founders and operators have limited resources and bandwidth, and they are often prioritizing the actual work of being more sustainable than proving it. And transparently proving their sustainability claims may come in the future as their initiatives are solidified and sustained over time. Our team at Beauty Heroes is close to our brands and know how hard they are working on all of their plastic reduction, packaging evolution and sustainability initiatives, but consumers are demanding proof.

And it’s not just environmental impact that is being greenwashed. Social impact claims are also in question, and Provenance has an expanding list of proof points for environmental and social impact. We appreciate that because the intersection between environmental and social initiatives is clear, and brands are making commitments that are meaningful to them.

What’s unique to Beauty Heroes is that all of our brands are working on sustainability and social impact in one way or another. It’s a part of what we look for in a brand, along with their efforts to use minimal and the best available packaging for their products. And, Provenance helps us to be able to communicate their work to our conscious consumers in a consistent, transparent and reliable way.

Take a look a the proof points for our most recently surfaced brands:

Uzima company wide proof points screenshot

Jackfir product page screenshot

Josh Rosebrook:
Josh Rosebrook Provenance Screenshot

Ere Perez:
Ere Perez Oat Milk Foundation product page screenshot

One thing we must recognize is that true sustainability is patient work. It’s often unclear what pillars of sustainability to prioritize. How a brand balances sustainability with social impact is uniquely tied to their personal story and values. It’s become clear that brands need to choose their most important initiatives, focus on them and communicate them to their customers within their own ecosystem and with their partners, like Beauty Heroes.

While there is a long way to go when it comes to transparency and claims validation, we are grateful to be working diligently with Provenance and brands who are paving the way.

As of Earth Day 2024, this is the complete list of brands who are using Provenance, we encourage you to visit their brand and product pages, click around and appreciate the work they are doing to help us all live a little lighter.

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