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Anatomy Of A Hero Arctic Berry Cloud Milk Cream

Ever wonder what it takes to become a Hero? Ingredient integrity, formula innovation and unparalleled sensory experience are just a few of our criteria.  Announcing our Anatomy Of A Hero Spotlight Series, a monthly series that shines the spotlight on past – but never forgotten – hero products. This month, we hop on a cloud with our October 2014 Hero Product Award Winner, Arctic Berry Cloud Milk Cream by red flower. A year-round staple for all skin types, this face and body cream is filled with soothing botanicals that moisturize, stimulate collagen and restore the youthful appearance of skin.

Protecting, nourishing, luxurious and effective, this moisture miracle does it all. This Hero is our go-to treatment to counter skin imbalances like extreme dryness, eczema and psoriasis. A perfect all-season face and body cream was inspired by the culture of health in northern Finland, where the pale golden cloudberry ripens each July. The precious oil extracted from its seeds is light in texture but rich in antioxidants and fatty acids.

The DNA of Arctic Berry Cloud Milk Cream by red flower:



“Arctic Berry Cloud Milk Cream by red flower nourishes every part of the body – from face to bust to toes – making it a true Hero Product in my eyes. I use it on my husband’s dry hands, on my son after baths and keep a jar by my desk to reapply to my hands throughout the day, especially this time of year.”

– Jeannie Jarnot, Beauty Heroes Founder

How To Use Arctic Berry Cloud Milk Cream by red flower:

Apply to the face for an all-day glow. At night, use alone or layer with serum for deep hydration effects. Use liberally all over the body anytime, targeting the chest, hands knees and feet as desired.

Beauty Rituals Inspired by Arctic Berry Cloud Milk Cream by red flower:

Before bed, create a quiet atmosphere and massage using soothing strokes over the neck, décolleté and shoulders to scent skin and restore moisture.

Relax anytime by applying a generous amount on your hands, taking care to work into parched skin while massaging any stiff areas. Interlock fingers and squeeze gently to release tension. Breathe deeply, let go and stretch.

Arctic Berry Cloud Milk Cream by red flower can also be used on the belly, chest and thighs when pregnant to prevent stretch marks. This cream is also loved by men who shave their heads to sooth irritation and dryness.

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