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Argan Kernel Oil

(Argania Spinosa)

What It Is

Argan oil is nutrient rich golden oil that is pressed out of the hard nut that is encased in protective fruit-like pulp.

Why We Love It

Argan Oil is not only rich in Omega fatty acids; it is particularly rich in the harder to come by Omegas 6 and 9. Paired with antioxidants and an ultra-rich concentration of Vitamin-E this combination of superpowers makes it a supreme treatment for scars or skin in need of repair. The oil can also be applied to the hair as a deep conditioning treatment, restoring brilliance and works wonders all over the body as a multi-functional skin supporting serum.

Ninety percent of all Argan Oil is harvested and pressed by women’s cooperatives in Morocco – providing women with a substantial income in a traditionally patriarchal society – making it extra heroic.

Liquid Gold Rush a short film by Phillipp Ammon offers a glimpse into the women of Morocco harvesting Argan Oil

Fast Facts

  • Argan oil has more than twice as much Vitamin E than olive oil contains.
  • It is a finite resource and is available in limited supply making it a treasured and highly valued ingredient.
  • Cosmetic Argan oil comes in varying qualities so the source of the oil determines efficacy as well as the impact of the communities of women who harvest it. Learn more from Kahina Giving Beauty who places a lot of care in sourcing their Argan Oil.

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