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Ayuna Eye Serum

Kryptosomes: Intelligent Encapsulation by Ayuna

Finding unprecedented and ultra-advanced formulas in an oversaturated industry seems like an impossible task, but the minds behind Ayuna are not afraid to rise to a challenge. Each new formula is an effort that carries behind it never-ending hours of study with a single obsession: affirming our brand’s values until excellence is achieved. Each product is loaded not only with innovation and cosmetic improvement, but with what we consider “artistry,” the type that manages to spark new trends and directions in skincare.

Ayuna Eye Serum

Our brand’s latest accomplishment, Eye Serum, aims to redefine eye care treatments, revolutionizing one of the first active delivery systems evolved from the past in the fields of medicine and cosmetics ; liposomes. Liposomes are intelligent spheres covered with lipids that, with precision, deliver active molecules. Ayuna amplifies this tried-and-true scientific delivery system with the addition of “kryptosomes” (from the Greek “Krypto”, hidden; “soma”, body), a unique and profoundly effective system that allow us to reach deeper levels to release active molecules right where they need to act, faster. These kryptosomes multiply the efficacy of cosmetic ingredients by 2.5 times and increase the speed of action of their active molecules by 1.6 times.

Ayuna Eye Serum

These advanced kryptosomes are the highlight of our new Ayuna Eye Serum formula, a treatment that marks a fresh generation of eye contour products because it is a 100% delivery system, a system of spheres within other spheres, that perform like “coded” information, loaded with a high concentration of target molecules. In our case the kryptosomes deliver a trio of natural caffeine from the green coffee bean, pure β escin from the Horse Chestnut and fucans from the algae of the French Brittany coast. All of these activate to directly to decongest the eye contour, drain fluid retention and mitigate the sallow tone of dark circles, activating microcirculation and strengthening the blood vessels. This differs from traditional eye contour treatments in that it has greater stability and bioavailability; its efficacy is a direct result of the release of active ingredients sustained over time to avoid irritation and prolong the benefits.

With Eye Serum, Ayuna manages to go beyond the stratum corneum of the periocular area, a layer with a special anatomy that limits permeability for absolute survival. Its composition, a cover of dead cells made up of dehydrated keratinocytes embedded in lipid layers, poses a tenacious physical challenge to the efficacy of cosmetic formulas, even the most advanced. Kryptosome technology is an accurate shot solving specific problems in one of the most delicate and complex areas of facial anatomy that is always predisposed to lipid and fluid retention, waste accumulation and incorrect fluid mobilization, such as lymph and blood. In addition, its sophisticated microgeloid texture is dense enough to provide nutrients, yet light enough to illuminate and awaken the eye area.

Ayuna Eye Serum Formula

The science behind Eye Serum is so exciting it has sparked the interest of the scientific elite that will meet at Cosm’innov (the International Congress of Cosmetic Research) in May, a meeting where the most stimulating advances in the development of high-performance and sustainable ingredients for clean beauty will be discussed. This event assembles beauty industry formulators from leading beauty houses Shiseido and Amore Pacific, who will be in attendance when we will present the science of kryptosomes in the framework of the “Efficient Formulations” category for overcoming the challenge of delivering cosmetic active ingredients. Coincidently in May, our ‘Hero product’ is recognized by Beauty Heroes and celebrated with their community along with the revolutionary formula of Nectar Vivifying Skin-D Treatment. Nectar, launched at the end of 2021 as ‘Terra Viva’, is a cream-serum in a nectar texture with a combination of stem cells from Living Stones, succulents capable of promoting the production of vitamin D in the skin; bio-sugars that restore smoothness; antioxidant astaxanthin to enhance elasticity and minimize the appearance of fine lines; and sublimated cherry water to promote a firm complexion, smooth and revitalized with a captivating luminosity, as if its glow came from within.

Ayuna Eye Serum

“22” Ritual, The Protocol for the Perfect Gaze

To most effectively apply our Hero product, Eye Serum, gently spread the serum following the pattern of the numbers 2 and 2 inverted on each eye, starting at the inner corner of the upper eyelid, drawing a line to the temple, then moving across the lower eyelid to the tear duct and ending at its outer corner.

Next, with a slow and delicate motion, make a semicircular pump on the lower eyelid from the inner corner of the eye to the outward corner. By applying in this way, the action of the massage will activate the delivery system loaded with active ingredients, relaxing and illuminating the area and your appearance.

The Eye Serum Abstract:

Ayuna Eye Serum Droplets A 100% gel delivery system with concentrated crypto-encapsulated active ingredients using a bioavailable carrier that boosts the efficacy and speed of action by 2.5 times for the specific care of the eye contour area. Developed to provide a specific solution for common problems in the periocular area, such as puffiness and dark pigmentation, caused by an accumulation of waste and the incorrect mobilization of fluids, such as lymph and blood. Eye Serum is a specific target formula, optimized thanks to innovation and advances achieved in the knowledge and effectiveness of active ingredient delivery systems, allowing it to penetrate deeper to release the high concentration of natural extracts it contains, such as natural caffeine from green coffee beans (lipolytic and draining), pure β escin extracted from horse chestnut (activates microcirculation) and fucans from algae (to strengthen the capillaries), which penetrate the barrier more quickly and more deeply.