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Introducing NEED-LE: Ayuna’s Groundbreaking Skincare Innovation for Luminous Skin

In the realm of skincare innovations, Ayuna unveils its latest masterpiece: NEED-LE Brightening Channeling Nectar, a groundbreaking serum designed to elevate luminosity, even out skin tone, and protect the skin’s microbiota. Aptly dubbed as “IPL in a bottle,” this transformative formula, originally introduced as ‘Terra Clara’, now finds its permanent place among the Ayuna collection, delivering radiant results with every application.

NEED-LE derives its name from its star ingredient—silicon-based microneedle spicules extracted from freshwater sponges. These natural microneedles gently exfoliate the skin, improving texture and tone by creating microchannels that facilitate deeper absorption of active ingredients. As you apply NEED-LE, you’ll feel the gentle stimulation of these microneedles, offering a sensation akin to thin, painless acupuncture needles, followed by their gentle disappearance into the skin.

Crafted to address common skin concerns like hyperpigmentation, redness, and uneven skin tone, NEED-LE boasts a lightweight, silky texture that harnesses the power of green biotech for unparalleled luminosity. Infused with ethically sourced mica, this serum instantly boosts skin radiance while working overtime to deliver long-lasting visible effects.

At the heart of NEED-LE’s transformative power lies a fusion of two botanical powerhouses: Phyto-lipidic Fractions of Pomegranate and Plasma Rich in Cellular Factors from Arabian Cotton. These ingredients work synergistically to nourish the skin microbiota, defend against photoaging, and promote skin renewal and firmness.

Understanding the significance of the skin microbiota, Ayuna delves into the Photobiota Factor—a phenomenon where solar radiation interacts with skin microbiota, impacting skin health. By nourishing the microbiota and promoting the proliferation of luminous postbiotics like urolithins, NEED-LE defends against harmful effects caused by overexposure to solar radiation.

But the innovation doesn’t stop there. NEED-LE harnesses the lightening properties of rainbow algae cellular concentrate, extracted using a patented enzymatic cocktail. The rainbow microalgae in nature turns from green, to blue to violet. This luminous sea plant has the same shape-shifting effect that chameleons have, and the color changes depending on the tide, depth and exposure to light. The extract from the rainbow algae has lightening properties when applied to the skin, targeting melanin production and maturation resulting in more visibly even skin tone and enhanced luminosity.

Furthermore, NEED-LE features a pomegranate enzyme that’s fermented by lactobacillus. This unique ingredient that breaks down proteins on the skin is derived from organic pomegranates. As it’s fermented with lactobacillus lactis it’s meticulously filtered. The resulting ingredient offers gentle enzymatic exfoliation, promotes cell renewal, softens skin texture, and enhances skin tone.

Ayuna NEED-LE Texture

Active Ingredients:

Phyto-Cellular fusion of pomegranate + Arabian cotton

Addresses photoaging and discoloration Rainbow algae cellular concentrate Acts on melanin production to even out skin tone

Ascorbyl glucoside

Slow-release vitamin C for lasting brightness

Bearberry Concentrate

Attenuates hyperpigmentation

Pomegranate enzyme Fermented with lactobacillus lactis

Provides gentle enzymatic exfoliation

Organic Lemon Water

Hydrates and evens the skin color and tone

Ayuna, known for their signature natural scents that contribute to the olfactory skin-brain connection, introduces a new scent in this release. To elevate the sensory experience, NEED-LE incorporates an aromachological cocktail dubbed Lightfulness—an embodiment of light itself. With notes of cotton and pomegranate, citrus, artemisia, petitgrain and Texas cedarwood, this scent profile offers a sense of comfort, freshness, and exoticism, enriching the overall skincare experience and skin-brain connection.
With its multifaceted approach to skincare, NEED-LE stands as a testament to Ayuna’s commitment to innovation and excellence. From its cutting-edge ingredients to its transformative effects on skin health, NEED-LE represents a new frontier in luminous skincare, promising radiant and revitalized skin with every use.