AYUNA TERRA, The Ultimate Green Beauty Innovation

Ayuna is one of those brands that I’ve learned to never underestimate. Time after time, they surprise me with their ability to bring to life an exciting, artisan, scientifically sound product that captures my full attention. It was a little over a year ago when the Ayuna Team introduced the concept of Terra to me through a series of calls and presentations. Terra, and this year’s reveal of Terra Bella brings to life a series of innovations that widened my understanding of what a single product could be and mean to me. I was surprised, but I’m not sure why. Ever since discovering Ayuna, they have consistently delivered innovation after innovation.

Ayuna Ritual

First, it was their alpha-amino acid-based, triple thread phased treatment, Essence, that transforms from chemical peel into a manual exfoliation that melts into a nourishing serum. If you haven’t tried it, it was my first AYUNA Hero product, and still one of my very favorite treatment products, ever.

Next, I fell in love with their Rejuvenating Treatment Cream, an opulent multi-tasking cream that replaces your serum, eye cream and face cream, rich with phyto-peptides, plasmas and botanical stem cells that provide skin with the perfect “fasting” diet to help skin function optimally.

Ayuna Balm

Then, I was in awe of the AYUNA Balm, a misnomer, as it is an unparalleled detoxifying treatment mask that uses volcanic glass and activated carbon and sugars to draw out toxins, lift and tighten. If blackheads and dull skin care your concern, this product is hands down the best out there at what it does, detoxifies, without drying your skin one bit.

Ayuna Velo

I fell hard for Ayuna’s Velo, a 6-in-1 Barrier Protection Day Cream that uses a phased inversion process to transform the oil-in water technology into a water-in oil emulsion, creating a silky, lightweight yet impenetrable veil that seals in moisture. I don’t walk out the door without Velo on my skin, it’s hands down my Ayuna Hero product.

Ayuna Dojo

And then, if that all wasn’t enough, there was Dojo, the Ayuna fragrance. Until Dojo, I didn’t wear fragrance, but Dojo is unlike any other fragrance as it’s an exploration into emotional beauty. The scent is a complex botanical blend of essential oils aromachologically tested and proven to induce intense, pleasant and positive emotions, heightening a sense of empowerment, positive attitude and the perception of beauty.

Ayuna Terra

I could go on, but I’m excited to introduce you to Terra, Ayuna’s newest innovation. Terra isn’t a singular product, it’s a drive a towards innovation in beauty and an expression of AYUNA’S most current passion presented in a collector’s edition handcrafted ceramic vessel. Each year, Terra will be an extremely limited release new product contained in that vessel. The innovation lies in the product, but also in the vessel.

The powerhouse duo behind AYUNA, Isabel Ramos and Begoña San Juan contain the perfect combination of scientific genius and limitless artists. When they wanted to create a ceramic container to house their products, that would preserve the integrity of the product, function and travel, everyone said it could not be done. They pressed on, and through iteration after iteration, they finally arrived at the ceramic vessel that now is Terra.

Ayuna Terra being crafted

Designed and crafted at a ceramic atelier in Valencia, Spain, the artisans developed the mold to ensure a reliable fit without losing the wabi sabi spirit of imperfection, a characteristic of ceramics.

Like the skin of the earth, the Terra vessel is delicate yet resilient, a breathable urn that fiercely protects the integrity of the formula, but will decompose into dust when eventually discarded. To close the jar, simply twist the top into place until you feel the jar lock into place with the small gasket on the jar.

“Just as skin is the most perfect and pure vessel that holds your inner being, ceramic is the most natural and respectful vessel to hold our innovations.”

Begoña San Juan, Co-Founder of Ayuna

But the innovation of Terra does not end with the ultimate zero waste, collectors edition vessel. There is innovation within each new Terra formula, released each year. As we approach 2021, Ayuna reveals its newest innovation, Terra Bella, a scientific breakthrough incorporating the first ever topical application of cannabis sativa cell cultures, recognized as the most innovative ingredient in the world.

Cannabis sativa cell cultures contain a unique set of terpenes and micro-lipids that integrate into the skin environment and stimulate the epidermal neuroendocrine cascade, increasing oxytocin in the skin. If you’re like me, you probably didn’t know that the skin registered and metabolized oxytocin, everyone’s favorite love hormone. The release of this hormone into the skin leads to what AYUNA celebrates as embodied beauty – a radiance that beams from the inside out, as this feel-good neurotransmitter boosts the bran-skin connection.

This innovation and development is a result of the progress of green chemistry, a discipline that has been the career pursuit of AYUNA’S Co-Founder, Isabel Ramos. While green chemistry itself is a widely practiced, this development and innovation pulls back the veil on conventional cosmetics, revealing that something more is possible. Through Terra Bella, its transformative effect lies not in what it can do superficially at the skin level, but how it can positively affect the skin, on a neuroscientific level.

The Cannabis Sativa Callus Lysate, aka first generation cannabis sativa stem cells, act on the skin like a brain, producing oxytocin that actually affected the brains pleasure areas in in vivo studies, improving mood, increasing self-perception and positive emotions that resulted in a reduction in marionette and frown lines. You may want to read that again, because that’s a pretty big deal.

You may be asking, is this for real? The answer is in fact, yes. What you put on your skin has now been studied scientifically to affect our mood and self-perception, lighting up the brain with an oxytocin like affect. It’s truly a breakthrough in what AYUNA calls emotional beauty.

As if that wasn’t enough, Terra Bella also contains Curcuma Longa (Turmeric) stem cells that were shown to decrease cortisol in the skin in in vitro studies, restoring TNF-a and IL-8 levels in inflamed cells.

These innovations are the passion of AYUNA and reveal a deeper understanding of beauty to be more than just our appearance but rather genuine feelings of embodied beauty, or to put it simply, feeling beautiful.

As I mentioned earlier, my conversations with the AYUNA team about Terra began over a year ago, before COVID-19 was in focus. My intention in sharing Terra Bella as the ultimate Beauty Heroes Discovery was to introduce the concept of Terra; the idea of collector’s edition beauty, the vessel and this year’s remarkable ingredient breakthrough. Throughout the last nine months, as we got closer to the reveal of Terra Bella, I couldn’t help but think of how perfectly timed this Discovery is to cap off a most memorable year. As 2020 comes to a close, Terra Bella helps us end on a high note. I truly hope you enjoy discovering Terra Bella with us this month.

Terra Bella is a ritual in and of itself. Use it on its own, or introduce other AYUNA products for a more immersive experience.


In the evening, lather on The Soap which removes makeup like a micellar water, then fluffs into a luxurious creamy foam. Rinse.

Ayuna The Facial

Follow with a gentle exfoliation using The Facial. Saturate a cotton round and swipe upwards, starting at the neck and jawline.

Ayuna Cellular Oil

Massage in several drops of Cellular Oil rich in olive tree stem cells that support skin revival. Press in gently to increase circulation on the face, neck and décolleté.

Ayuna Terra Bella

Complete the ritual with a light layer of Terra Bella applied from the chest to forehead. Surrender into slumber.

Products by Ayuna Featuring the new Terra product

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