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Ayuna Velo [x]

The Ayuna [x] Factor

Since its initial launch, Ayuna’s Velo cream-serum has been a part of the Beauty Heroes curation delivering a uniquely textured environmental product with a luxurious experience. We’ve delivered it in our beauty discovery service and it has long enjoyed Hero-status. This year, Ayuna has leveled up its daytime Hero, advancing it into an 8-in-1 SupraSerum with a lightweight texture, additional ingredients and gorgeous new packaging, dubbed Ayuna Velo [x]. And, we couldn’t be happier. If you follow Ayuna, their innovation and evolution, you know that the brand is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in microbiome-supporting, sustainable and extraordinarily clean beauty. And if you are new to the Ayuna universe, Velo [x] is a perfect introduction, just in time for the peak of summer, when we are exposed most to our environments. In this Q+A with Ayuna Co-Founder’s, Begoña Sanjuan, we explore what gives this new version its’ “x” Factor.

Ayuna Founders

Beauty Heroes: What was your original vision for Velo, and what inspired you to come out with an augmented version of this Hero product Ayuna Velo [x]?

Begoña: Over the years, skin protection research has remained one of Ayuna’s top priorities. The necessity for a multifunctional protective cosmetic with a “clean” formula was the catalyst for the creation of Velo. The study of the exposome has remained at the forefront, becoming a continued area of our research. So, one of the primary inspirations behind the augmented version of this Hero product, Velo [x], was the discovery of the Photobiota Factor. This factor is fundamentally characterized by the microbiotic ecosystem, particularly by those species with the specific capacity to respond to solar radiation and the molecular components metabolized in this interaction. Additionally, the exceptional development of TRI-LAYER TECHNOLOGY, a unique process combining various patented technologies into a delicate and extremely lightweight formula, further fueled our inspiration. We aimed to design Velo [x] with a unique SupraSerum texture, building upon the success of the original Velo emulsion.

With Velo [x], Ayuna aims to not only address the need for multifunctional defense and protection, but also to elevate it further by incorporating eight powerful properties into a singular formula. This blend represents a significant advancement in the category of skin protection, fulfilling our vision of providing effective, innovative, and clean protective solutions.

Beauty Heroes: Velo translates from Spanish into ‘veil’, which is the perfect name for this product. Can you explain the name and function of the product?

Begoña: Absolutely, the product’s name, Ayuna Velo [x] aligns perfectly with its function.The e[x]treme version of Velo acts as a cosmetic veil, embodying its purpose by providing a protective shield against various aggressors while delivering transformative benefits. Upon application, its fluid texture seamlessly adheres to the skin, leaving behind an unparalleled sensation of softness and protection.

The innovative “Velo x 8-in-1 Defending Supraserum” takes this concept to the next level. By integrating eight powerful next-generation defenses, it redefines the standard for multifunctional protection. Meticulously crafted, this serum is engineered to combat and reverse the effects of skin exposure. It not only repels aggressors but also prevents the adhesion of contaminating particles, visibly enhancing the complexion in the process.

Each drop of this serum acts as a guardian, providing the skin with eight essential barriers: Antipollution, Antioxidant, Luminous, Lipidic, Hydric, Biotic PF100, Immunological, and Restorative. Additionally, it offers intense hydration, diminishes chromatic damage, and bestows a radiant glow upon the skin.

Beauty Heroes: What are the new ingredients in Ayuna Velo [x] and how do they augment the formula?

Begoña: Velo [x] elevates skin defense with the introduction of the Photobiota Factor, tailored to nurture the microbiota. The inclusion of the new Cell Phyto-fusion, extracted from Pomegranate and Arabian Cotton, produces postbiotics, including urolithins and melanins. These elements actively combat cellular and chromatic damage, addressing skin roughness and elasticity loss. Additionally, the integration of new magnesium strengthens the formula’s immunological barrier.

Moreover, the moisture barrier now incorporates vegan hyaluronate, featuring the highest molecular weight hyaluronic acid (2-2.5 MDa), alongside potent antioxidants like polyphenols and chromophores. Complementing these enhancements, new phytoceramides such as mimosa actively combat thermal stress, ensuring the skin remains supple, soft, and comfortable.

Furthermore, Velo [x] upholds its natural mineral defense foundation while introducing a next-generation protective blend. What sets it apart? This innovative mineral defense operates on the principle of particle scattering theory, dispersing luminosity in various directions due to particle size, shape, and composition. This advancement achieves a delicate balance between effective protection and flawless aesthetics, prioritizing both skin health and environmental consciousness.

Beauty Heroes: Are you keeping the original formula in the Ayuna collection? Who should keep using the original formula, and who should switch to Velo [x]

Begoña: Yes, we are still keeping Velo’s original formula! Although both Velo and Velo [x] offer protection, their textures differ.
The original Velo, transitioning from water-in-oil to oil-in-water upon activation, provides essential hydration that becomes more hydrophobic, offering increased resistance throughout the day. It is ideal for those seeking rich textures. In contrast, Velo [x] offers a lighter alternative with advanced technology, perfect for those desiring a weightless feel. Being a Supraserum (on top) with three-layer technology maximizes efficacy of the beauty routine.

Beauty Heroes: What were the results in the clinical testing of the new Velo [x] formula compared to the original formula?

Begoña: The research showed that the Velo [x] formula delivers significant improvements across multiple skin aspects compared to the original formula. In vitro studies demonstrated a notable increase in protective compound production and a significant reduction in free radicals. Additionally, in vivo studies revealed a decrease in the appearance of chromatic irregularities, enhancements in skin luminosity and texture, as well as increases in hydration and elasticity. In summary, the Velo [x] formula offers advanced protection and visible results for healthier, radiant skin.

Beauty Heroes: Is Velo [x] suited to all skin tones, from fair to deep tones?

Begoña: Velo [x] is meticulously crafted to provide protection without regard to skin tone. While it’s not makeup, it utilizes colored pigments, such as iron oxides, to elevate protection and diminish the common white cast found in mineral-based products.

Beauty Heroes: What is your personal morning ritual and how do you incorporate Velo [x] into your daily routine? Do you have any tips that you can share?

Begoña: I like to start my morning by cleansing my face with Soap Rich, I mix it with some water and massage it on my skin, then remove it. Then I apply Eye Serum to depuff my eyes. One drop does the job, it is a very powerful droplet that gives me a refreshed gaze, and minimizes dark circles. Afterward, I apply Need-Le to my face, neck, and décolletage by stroking actively with the fingertips. Using small, crossed, or swaying maneuvers with moderate pressure.

Of course my routine varies depending on the needs of my skin, but, on top of it all, I always apply Velo [x] to protect me from the exposome I will be facing throughout the day. We recommend applying Velo [x] at the beginning of your day, not only to protect your skin but also to intensely hydrate it while reducing dyschromia and dark spots.