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Beauty From the Outside In

From the earliest of times, people have taken pleasure in rubbing fragrant substances into their skin. Scent was a powerful force in ritual, medicine, mythology, even conquest. In modern times, Khus+Khus combines the powers of scent with sophisticated plant-based compounds and Ayurvedic herbs to build modern herbal fusions–creating products that work from the outside in to deliver healing and well-being.

“Scents hold memories and emotions for all of us,” says Khus+Khus founder Kristi Blustein. “Creating products artfully, with intense thought not only given to the way the product performs but to the way it smells, is what allows a product to care for the whole being.”

Khus+Khus LEMON Body Potion

These thoughtful nature-sourced fragrances and ingredients are what make Khus+Khus truly captivating. Scents that include effervescent moments of bright lemon, exhilarating French peppermint, intensely calming new Caledonia sandalwood. Deeply hydrating moringa oil, amalaki rich in vitamin C, and hemp liposomes that deliver the soothing, calming antioxidant benefits of CBD.

“It is all about connecting people to nature, understanding that we have an additional medicine cabinet all around us,” says Blustein. “All we have to do is open it to return to balance as nature intended.”

Khus+Khus is the intersection of plant-based compounds, herbalism and scent to regulate vital energy, protect the immune system vitality and help shield us from stress. The calmer the mind, the slower we age. We invite you to try a DIY ritual that works its magic from the outside in. Here’s how:

Khus+Khus LEMON Body Potion

Every Body will love LEMON Body Potion, an intoxicating, fluffy soufflé that nourishes skin, body and soul with the bright lemon aroma and beautiful whipped aromatic oils. Step out of the shower and apply this intensely hydrating potion all over to uplift
the spirit, deeply hydrate and soothe skin dry from weather, stress and the environment.

Khus+Khus ESPECIAL K Toning Mist

Oh K Mist! ESPECIAL K Toning Mist gets its name because of the vitamin K liposomes that help your skin become soft and supple on contact. Specifically designed to minimize skin imbalances, this rose-scented mist cools and provides a feeling of hydration, while quelling the appearance of inflammation. Spray directly on face, neck and chest after cleansing and throughout the day.

Khus+Khus D DROP Humectant Factor

D-Lightful. D DROP Humectant Factor adds extra hydration to dry skin with mega- humectant watermelon ferment laced with French peppermint and hemp liposomes to deliver nutrients and soothing, calming and protecting benefits to parched skin. Layer it on your face followed by your favorite serum or potion for naturally hydrated skin.

Khus+Khus RESQ Potion

Your Serum Awaits. Abundant with Bulgarian roses, RESQ Potion is the balm your skin needs. Soothe that winter skin with this calming antioxidant loaded potion by applying generously to the face, neck and chest as needed. Best when used twice a day!


Lip Service. THE MOTHER PUCKER Lip Balm should go everywhere
you do. Cooling, stimulating and nourishing, this lip treat is abundant with olive, jojoba, rosehip and tulsi for a unique balm that is the mother of all lip treatments. Apply generously and often.

Khus+Khus Products