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Behind The Innersense Relaunch

Northern California is home to many beauty entrepreneurs, but it’s not everyday I get to spend quality time with them and with their families, so I felt especially honored to be invited to the Innersense Headquarters last month. Greg and Joanne Starkman, the passionate founders behind the brand, gave Beauty Heroes the exclusive on the unveiling of their stunning new packaging and branding, as well as the launch of their Hydrate Collection, featured as this month’s beauty discovery. As you will soon learn, these changes represent much more than a facelift. Never interested in doing anything that’s merely superficial, Greg and Joanne have spent over two years in deep exploration into the most effective raw materials for high performance hair care, uncovering unique ingredient synergies that deliver unparalleled results while maintaining their commitment to clean. Innersense devotees will also notice a considerable change in the brand’s look and voice. The cleaner, more elegant packaging and the invitation to “raise your hair consciousness”, are both meant to inspire a deeper relationship with oneself, inside and out.

I know first-hand that this brand has struck a chord with customers all over the world. Through customer care correspondence, I’ve heard dozens of stories from Beauty Heroes customers about how Innersense was the brand that ultimately changed their views on natural hair care and leave behind harmful, toxic products forever. In fact, a close girl friend told me that after discovering Innersense through our first collaboration in May 2015, her life was changed. Today, it’s the only hair care she trusts for her whole family.

Stories like these are the reason Greg and Joanne started Innersense in the first place. The couple have a daughter, Morgan, with Williams Syndrome. Morgan brought new challenges and an opportunity to evaluate what was truly important in life. This painful but ultimately healing journey strengthened their ‘inner sense’ and motivated them to start a company that was true to their values in an industry they love. Their story is nothing short of inspiring and their new collection and rebrand is poised to set a new standard in the industry.

Greg and Joanne both have long careers in hair and beauty. Hear how they got their start and see in their faces the pride they have for the company they’ve built over the last 11 years.

Joanne introduced me to the idea that sitting in a stylist’s chair is sacred time of artistry, beauty and even healing. I will never forget the time I spent with Joanne as she helped raise my hair consciousness.

Of the pair, Greg is the ingredient buff, and rightfully so. In this video he shares the beautiful ingredients he’s chosen for the new Hydrate Collection and all the ingredients you’ll never find in an Innersense product.

If you loved Innersense before, get ready to love it more. Each bottle is sleek and sparkling with flecks of gold, radiating inner beauty. Hear the inspiration behind Innersense’s newest collection that includes a hydrating shampoo, conditioner and a soon to be released hair mask. And sparked the new look!