Beauty Heroes in Mailbox

Blue Beauty: Staying In Ship Shape

Being an eco-conscious beauty company requires that we are experts on way more than lipstick and face oil. Who would have thought that some of our disciplines would become shipping logistics, retail packaging and most recently, carbon offsets? The thing that we’ve learned is that how a company transports their product to you matters, a lot. At Beauty Heroes, we take the environment into consideration with every decision. From box size to transit times, here’s all the ways we’re thinking through how we ship from us to you.

Product Quality + Box Size

We’re very proud of the fact that we fulfill our orders in-house from one location. Each package is packed by our team member who takes so much pride in how your order is picked, packed, and presented. This means all products come to one central location, and the luxury healthy beauty products you receive from us have been subject to our own standards for quality control. When product arrives to Beauty Heroes, we ensure it is the freshest batch, kept in a climate-controlled environment and rotated properly.

Beauty Heroes Discovery Box

From our inception, we decided not to print on our boxes. This saves ink – but it also saves transporting blank boxes from a box manufacturer – to a box printer – to us. Instead, we purchase blank boxes in many different sizes so we can be sure to ship your order in the smallest box possible. We have over 40 box sizes to choose from when packing your order which helps us minimize cardboard and filling material. Goldilocks would be happy!

Stickers + Tape

We seal our boxes with either just our Beauty Heroes sticker printed on recycled sticker stock or with our sticker + plastic-free paper tape. Paper tape isn’t perfect, but it is much more biodegradable than plastic tape, which we never use at Beauty Heroes.


All our printed materials are printed recycled paper stock and within a 20-mile distance from our warehouse. Transporting collateral long distances creates a significant carbon footprint. This allows us to support local printers while keeping our printing jobs as green as possible.

Regular Old Mail

We consciously send our packages, both domestic and international, through the traditional postal system, and there’s a good reason for this. By shipping via regular old mail, we are not initiating a special trip to pick up your package from our warehouse, nor are we sending a special truck to your home to drop it off. In most locations, the mail gets delivered every day, and the postal system is as efficient as any. We’ve found that in the U.S., shipments arrive as fast as other shipping methods, and while they may take longer internationally, shipping this way keeps shipping thresholds and costs down while also being the most environmentally sound option.

Carbon Offsets

Cloverly Our newest Blue Beauty initiative is carbon neutral shipping. Our partnership with Cloverly, a carbon-offset expert, helps us measure the carbon generated by our shipments and allows us to offset each shipment and tie it back to a specific carbon offset project. We purchase carbon offsets for every package sent to you and assign those offsets to a project that is closest to your shipping address. You even get a transaction ID, so you can see which project we’ve contributed to because of your order. Next time you place an order, lookout for Cloverly link on the checkout page.

Plastic Offsets

rePurpose While this doesn’t have to do with shipping, per se, we’re proud to be offsetting 1 pound of plastic for every transaction at Beauty Heroes. While some packaging contains more plastic than others, we hope to offset all plastic packaging we initiate through our partner rePurpose Global.