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Blue Skies Ahead With Chamazulene

Studies show that the color blue is one that evokes senses of calmness, relaxation, and peace.  Nature must be onto something, because the violet-blue botanical compound Chamazulene does exactly that.  This new ‘it’ ingredient is finding its way into many of our most coveted new products from our favorite clean beauty brands, and is showing up again and again in our curated Beauty Store. Kahina Giving Beauty features this Superpower ingredient in their Lip + Face Balm through the use of Blue Tansy and Laurel Whole Plant Organics incorporates it into their Anti-Inflammatory Face Serum with German blue chamomile.  You’ll also find it in SkinOwl’s Marigold Glow Beauty Steam. Chamazulene is a wonder ingredient, addressing major skin concerns that appear in ALL skin types, across all ages, for all seasons.

Kristi Blustein, founder of Khus Khus, sings praise to this miracle ingredient.  “It’s like the plants are providing a level of healing by communicating their evolutionary advancement and success into our systems creating the perfect healing fusion we need in order to maintain health and vitality,” she says.  Indeed, through a fascinating process that involves enzymes, inhibitors and catalysts, the botanical compound offers magical healing gifts to the skin.  Kristi says that the key for both vibrant skin and vibrant health is about keeping the internal workings of the body in homeostasis, which Chamazulene does exquisitely – feeding our skin and body nutrients that keep us continuously in balance.

In addition to its remedial effects, Chamazulene offers another exceptional benefit.  Chamazulene is a by-product of botanicals such as blue German chamomile, blue Moroccan chamomile, blue tansy, yarrow, wormwood, mugwort and elecampane (or horse-heal), all lending themselves to provide Chamazulene’s most noteworthy benefit – the soothing effect it has on skin.  When added to cosmetics, these coveted blue oils are not only responsible for the distinctive color, but the natural calming effect it provides.  Laurel Shaffer, founder and creator of Laurel Whole Plant Organics, tells us a little bit about her favorite Chamazulene rich ingredients, which products they can be found in, and what skin conditions they are particularly beneficial for:

Roman and German Chamomile are by far my favorites!  They don’t contain as high a percentage of Chamazulene as Blue Tansy, but I couldn’t live without them.  Both Roman and German Chamomile, both incredibly cooling and soothing, can be found in our Oily/Combination Cleanser + Elixir.  My skin always feels like it had a drink of water after I use those two products; they take redness, swelling, and inflammation down immediately.  I love Blue Tansy as well, but find it packs a more stimulating punch because it is more active.  It is highly anti-inflammatory and can be found in our Blemish Treatment.  I think of Roman and German Chamomile as every day cooling soothing plants, and Blue Tansy more for targeted treatment.

It comes as no surprise that this ingredient is very quickly becoming a champion in the world of natural beauty.  It’s powers that help alleviate redness, irritation, rashes and burns, paired with it’s calming properties as a natural anti-histamine make Chamazulene truly a hero ingredient.  For those who wish for skin care that not only heals but promotes peace, tranquility, and restoration, look to Chamazulene as your salvation.  Because after all, as Kristi Blustein says, “Our skin is a reflection of what is going on inside, it’s the manifestation of what we are doing to take care of ourselves.”




  • The name ‘azulene’ was attributed to blue oils by a scientist based on their color, not their aroma. Chamazulene was given it’s ‘cha’ from being first discovered in chamomile.
  • While azulene most often occurs naturally in plants, chamazulene is a by-product that results from a long process of applying pressure and heat during steam distillation.
  • Oils rich in chamazulene will be violet or blue when they’re fresh. You can tell that they’ve passed their prime once they turn to a deep dark green color.
  • German blue chamomile can be made up of up to 35% chamazulene.



Pick up a tiny bottle of German blue chamomile, our favorite comes from Floracopeia, to have on hand in your beauty cabinet. For an extra dose of calm, add a drop or two to any facemask preparation, face steam or even your bath.  For a simple calming and cooling facemask treatment, add two drops to 2 tablespoons of plain yogurt and apply for 20 minutes before rinsing.