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Blüh Alchemy’s Nocturnal Repair Targets Glycation

If you’re just discovering Blüh Alchemy, you’re in for a treat. This high-functioning green beauty brand has been a favorite of ours (and yours) for several years now, ever since we were first introduced to Becky Blüh and her masterful talent for innovative, complex and effective formulations that deliver on their promise, and then some.

This month, as we celebrate the release of her latest Hero product, Nocturnal Repair, Anti-Glycation Emulsion, we are reminded of her mastery and ability to develop products that speak to our skin in ways we didn’t know were possible. How does she do it? Perhaps the answers come from the journey she’s on, one that we are grateful to be a part of.

Growing up in the foothills of Western Massachusetts, surrounded by verdant gardens of vegetables and healing herbs, Becky Blüh’s earliest memories are of foraging adventures with her siblings to gather wild edibles. A lifetime of living close to nature provided the insight and intuition she needed later in life when coping with her newborn baby’s life-threatening autoimmune disease. Rounds of chemotherapy and the cocktail of aggressive drugs used to treat Wegener’s Granulomatosis left her daughter, Cameron, with severely vulnerable skin that was itchy, dry and sensitive to touch.

Becky Blüh

Becky’s instincts kicked in, and soon Cameron was lathered in soothing balms and nourishing oils infused with herbs from their garden. As Cameron’s skin healed, Becky’s soul called for her to keep exploring the medicinal potency of plants. Upon discovering and experimenting with a cornucopia of rare botanicals that had transformative physiological effects on the skin, Becky sought a formal degree in cosmetic chemistry where she worked closely with top natural chemists to develop what eventually became Blüh Alchemy, an edited line of botanical skin care that utilizes synergistic blends of potent extracts to guard against pre-mature aging while protecting against environmental aggressors and oxidative stress. Becky fell in love with a variety of botanicals and was impressed by almost unbelievable benefits she witnessed when incorporating Australian Native extracts in her formulas. These rare botanicals, extracted in a manner that keeps the full plant structure intact, make their way into Blüh Alchemy formulations in high concentrations and synergistic blends. Every small batch of this high-potency collection is made by hand, by Becky, in the Blüh Alchemy studio and lab.

Becky understood that at night, skin kicks into repair mode and the rate of cell regeneration nearly doubles! Skin is more receptive to active ingredients because it’s not busy fighting UV rays, pollution and other environmental factors. Also, collagen and elastin production rates are highest at night, when we are getting our beauty sleep. While many factors play a role in our levels of collagen in the skin (age, genetics, diet), the body’s process of glycation is one of them. If you haven’t heard of glycation, you’re not alone, it’s when sugar molecules from our diet attack our collagen and elastin meshwork. Understanding this, Becky worked for over two years on this month’s Hero product, the first of its kind to tackle the effects of glycation while we sleep.

Nocturnal Repair Active Emulsion by Blüh Alchemy

Nocturnal Repair Active Emulsion by Blüh Alchemy is a new product featuring a little-known botanical called chebula, an herb that’s grown in Southeast Asia and has been used in Ayurvedic preparations for ages. Turns out that chebula has been studied and proven to have a wide variety of benefits on the skin, one of which is intervening in the glycation process. The studies on chebula are impressive, and in Nocturnal Repair, it’s present in concentration that delivers results, dare we say, overnight.

Also in the formula is banksia cellular extract which works synergistically to deliver amino acids that help improve the appearance of skin elasticity. Strawberry seed replenishes essential fatty acids that are lost during the day, including essential minerals, enzymes, b-vitamins, magnesium, boron and linolic acid, while shiitake mushroom cellular extract targets hyperpigmentation with its high concentration of kojic acid. Niacinamide and cupuaçu butter strengthen the lipid barrier and seals in moisture to prevent trans epidermal water loss.

Nocturnal Repair Active Emulsion is an overnight active emulsion that can be worn as the last step in your skincare routine, as a sleeping mask, 3 to 4 times a week.

Blüh Alchemy’s Antioxidant Face Oil

This month, we’ve paired it with Blüh Alchemy’s Antioxidant Face Oil, formulated with a diverse cross-section of antioxidants. The formula leads with organic Australian Kakadu plum cellular extract known for its unparalleled regenerating effects on the skin. Red raspberry seed oil, carrot seed oil and blue cypress conspire to help protect against sun damage and promote a look of bright, even toned skin. The formula contains a stable for of vitamin c (ascrobyl palmitate)that works together with astaxanthin, a red algae with an off-the-chart level of antioxidants, keep skin feeling protected. And snowflower, an Australian wildflower, diminishes the look of redness and inflammation.

Each of the antioxidants deliver different constituents that play a unique role in protecting the skin, so there’s no redundancy or antioxidant-overload. This complementary treatment works well on its own during the day and can also be worn under Nocturnal Repair for a potent one-two punch at night.

Beauty Heroes members are experts at mixing and matching, switching and swapping, and creating customized beauty rituals that give your skin exactly what it needs. Our Discover It Yourself monthly ritual offers an extra dose of inspiration by sharing how to incorporate your new Hero product into a beauty ritual.

This month, we give you the bluhprint for optimal beauty sleep. Featuring five core products from Blüh Alchemy, this nightly ritual helps repair and regenerate skin during its most receptive hours, stopping the glycation process in its tracks and boosting the appearance and feeling of increased collagen. Try it tonight as instructed or create your own with other beauty must-haves from the Beauty Store.


Exfoliating Cleanser by Blüh Alchemy

Apply a quarter size amount of Exfoliating Cleanser to damp skin and gently massage in circular motions across forehead, nose, cheeks and chin to remove makeup and buildup. Leave on for up to 3 minutes for deeper exfoliation. Splash warm water to rinse skin clean. Pat dry.

Toning Elixir by Blüh Alchemy

Mist skin with Toning Elixir, a high-performance liquid activator that treats, protects and deeply hydrates, priming skin to receive further treatment.

Antioxidant Face Oil by Blüh Alchemy

Press several drops of Antioxidant Face Oil into freshly misted face, neck and décolleté, adding a layer of protection before the advanced treatment. The synergy of five vitamin A derivatives absorbs quickly, leaving skin feeling lifted and hydrated.

Eye Oil Serum by Blüh Alchemy

Treat tired, puffy eyes with Eye Oil Serum by gently rolling under eyes, from inside corners outwards, then tap gently into skin with your finger to support absorption.

Nocturnal Repair by Blüh Alchemy

Pump one time to dispense the perfect dose of Nocturnal Repair, and spread a thin layer all over face, neck and décolleté. Use your fingertips to press into skin or use your favorite face tool. Skin will feel smooth and dewy as your head hits the pillow, and you’ll see renewed bounce by morning. Use up toe 4x per week.

Blüh Alchemy Products