Cancel Dry Skin

Cancel Dry Skin Season with Luv Scrub


They say dry skin isn’t serious. We say it can be prevented, as long as you have the right tools at your disposal. It is a common affliction, and it’s caused by many different factors. Understanding this is the first step to canceling dry skin season. Of course, reaching for the gentle exfoliating effects of LUV SCRUB will give you the edge. It might just be your secret weapon.

Common Causes of Dry Skin

Dry skin can be caused by low atmospheric humidity and overexposure to the sun. Drastic shifts in temperature can stress your skin and cause drying and cracking, such as what happens in the winter, especially among those that go back and forth between the outdoors and indoors.

Here’s a shocker that shouldn’t surprise anyone: dry skin can also be caused or exacerbated by using the wrong products. Some synthetic fragrances have a drying, irritating effect on the skin. Worse, sodium laureth sulfate, a common surfactant in many soaps and shower gels responsible for breaking down and removing excess oils, often goes too far. This harsh cleanser can leave your skin feeling dry and irritated, especially with overuse. It’s also one of the ingredients you won’t find in any products carried at Beauty Heroes because it happens to also be ethoxylated and potentially contaminated with 1,4 Dioxane, a carcinogen.

At Beauty Heroes we want to bring you healthy, lasting relief to dry skin with all-good-for-you ingredients,and support them with high quality tools and accessories. One of our favorite tools in our chest is LUV SCRUB. This simple and practical tool provides exfoliating, rejuvenating effects that defy words. It must be experienced.

The LUV SCRUB Effect

LUV SCRUB is the culmination of the dedication founder Caroline Owusu Ansah had to creating a better alternative to commercially available loofahs and washcloths. The answer was out there, and she aimed to find it.

She keyed into a classic West African secret: a gentle, proprietary nylon weave that removes dead skin and gently exfoliates to renew your skin. What’s amazing about the LUV SCRUB Mesh Body Exfoliator is that it solves so many problems associated with common, commercially available washcloths and wash gloves.

Washcloths, sponges, shower poofs, and even loofahs can trap and breed bacteria. After you’ve cleaned some of these pathogens off of your skin, they can remain behind, trapped in the weave of a washcloth or sponge. If conditions allow, these shower implements can foster their proliferation.

The design of LUV SCRUB Mesh Body Exfoliator discourages the growth of these pathogens, and is extremely durable, providing a gentle exfoliation, and can be used wet or dry.

How to Use the LUV SCRUB Mesh Body Exfoliator

The LUV SCRUB can be easily used with your favorite liquid or solid soap or body wash stocked at Beauty Heroes. This amazing, stretchable exfoliator creates a rich and intense lather that will help you achieve a deep clean while it strips away old, dead skin and excess oils.

Simply wet your LUV SCRUB, add your soap or body wash of choice and then create a ball with it. Use the LUV SCRUB to apply your soap or body wash to your skin and work it to create an intense lather. It can be stretched open to clean and exfoliate hard-to-reach areas, especially the back. Rinse and repeat as necessary, and stretch open your LUV SCRUB to dry when finished and in between each use.

Use LUV SCRUB dry, in place of a dry brush. Ball it up and brush it across the skin in circular motions. Use it on a loved one or partner to exfoliate the back and use it with a body scrub on the dry cracked feet and heels.

It’s easy to use, but one of the secrets to its success is its powerful ability to exfoliate, without leaving your skin feeling rough or irritated. If you’re not obsessed with exfoliation as a part of your skin care routine yet, here are some reasons you should be.

The Benefits of Exfoliation

You don’t have to look far to realize some of the far-reaching benefits of exfoliation. A LUV SCRUB Mesh Body Exfoliator’s unique weave will gently exfoliate to provide some of the following benefits:

  • Strips away dead skin to reveal younger skin underneath.
  • Helps remove excess oils that can cause clogged pores, ingrown hairs, and even acne.
  • Can help to soothe and soften your skin, evening skin tone to reinvigorate your natural glow.
  • Facilitates absorption of your skincare products, like creams and oils.
  • Exfoliation increases circulation, bringing fresh nutrients to the surface of the skin.
  • Exfoliation may be able to lessen the appearance of cellulite and wrinkles.
  • Exfoliation will keep your skin healthy and clear, promoting better overall health.

While Exfoliation comes with a long list of benefits, LUV SCRUB’s unique weave and composition provide some of the best overall cleansing and exfoliating benefits. It’s simple and effective – which is what we love!

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