The Hero’s Journey

Blue Beauty: Blue Ribbon Winners

Long before there were awards and accolades, Beauty Heroes Founder Jeannie Jarnot had a vision that being blue was the future of beauty. Beyond clean and green, so much more than being sustainable, she had a vision for beauty brands doing their part to leave the planet bluer than they found it. This meant focusing …

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8 Benefits of Organic Skincare

We’re passionate about organic skincare. One of the first things we do when looking at a new brand is notice if the company is committed to organic ingredients. Organic farming is better for the planet, and yields higher quality raw ingredients for skincare, just as it does for our dinner table. Most of our products …

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Feel Minty Fresh With RiseWell Toothpaste

As you start and complete your day, you want to reach for an effective toothpaste that will help to strengthen and protect your teeth for years to come. In our search for amazing, natural oral care products, we discovered RiseWell toothpaste, and have really enjoyed the high-quality ingredients and delicious flavor of both their adult …

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LINNÉ Botanicals

LINNÉ Botanicals: Beauty & Science in One

Whenever a brand is able to combine powerful botanical ingredients with planet-friendly efforts, we have to take notice. One skincare brand that does just that and has captured our attention in the process is LINNÉ Botanicals. LINNÉ is a remarkable brand, founded by an expert native plant botanist and herbal medicine practitioner to bring impactful …

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Ingredients® Products

Ingredients® Defies All Labels

The brand is a newcomer, but its founders are no strangers to beauty. The husband-wife visionaries behind Art Of Shaving, Myriam and Eric Malka became fanatical about botanicals before ‘clean beauty’ ever bloomed. As industry insiders, they had an advantage: they already knew the best chemists and suppliers. But they also knew the truth: most …

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Beauty Heroes in Mailbox

Blue Beauty: Staying In Ship Shape

Being an eco-conscious beauty company requires that we are experts on way more than lipstick and face oil. Who would have thought that some of our disciplines would become shipping logistics, retail packaging and most recently, carbon offsets? The thing that we’ve learned is that how a company transports their product to you matters, a …

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