Come One, Come All

Foria invites the antidote to stress we’ve all been seeking.

In 2021, it’s difficult to talk about sex without talking about stress. While we might think of sex as one of the best ways to alleviate stress, the truth is that stress takes a major toll on our sexual mojo. Between work, school, kids, marriage, and the constant barrage of information we’re taking in from the media, our world wants us to be “on” all the time, which is a major turn-off, hormonally speaking. Chronic stress puts our sympathetic nervous system into “fight or flight” mode which triggers pregnenolone, a pre-cursor “mother hormone” that actually makes the cortisol that manifests as inflammation, anxiety and low libido. And if you’re a person with a vulva, the impact of stress on your sex life can be even more dramatic.

As women, we take on the world. We are daughters, wives, mothers, caretakers, and creators-in-charge. We challenge ourselves to keep the world in balance for all the lives we touch, for all the differences we make. And every minute of every day, the stress builds in our bodies causing any number of issues.

While we may know that stress is a silent (libido) killer, most of us don’t have consistent coping mechanisms for how to deal and down-regulate our stress into our parasympathetic nervous system, where our body becomes more receptive to relaxation.

Luckily, we have a rather handy hack. But first, a short history lesson.

A Hands On Approach

May is International Masturbation Month. (This is quite radical given that even President’s only get one day.)

It began as an annual event in 1995, held on May 7. Originally just one day in May, National Masturbation Day was created to honor Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders who was fired for suggesting masturbation be a part of sex education for students. That single day has expanded to include the entire month, and along with it, our culture has an expanded awareness and acceptance of sexual health. Perhaps no one is a greater advocate for women’s sexual health education than Kiana Reeves, a mother, birth and postpartum doula, sexological bodyworker, STREAM practitioner, and Chief Brand Officer for Foria, our new favorite CBD-infused sexual wellness brand. More on this in a moment.

For the past several years, Kiana has been helping Foria teach women how to connect with their bodies while supporting their sexual health and wellbeing. Among her rituals for pelvic health, Kiana includes get hands on and masturbate more. While masturbation itself sounds easy enough, self-exploration can be a deeply therapeutic experience that does not always need to lead to orgasm. Kiana’s rituals invite women to explore their entire bodies, not just the genitals. The belief is that self-pleasure can often illuminate hidden fears and blocks that, once released, can flow through and lead to deeper healing and long-term change.

De-stressing while reacquainting ourselves with pleasure is a notion that Foria celebrates. In fact, they believe that pleasure is the antidote to stress, and that sex and wellness are interchangeable. With deep expertise in the use of CBD, Foria has created an innovative range of sexual wellness products – from natural lubricants to suppositories – that are infused with CBD to create the biological conditions for great sex. While CBD doesn’t directly increase or decrease sex hormones, topical application does increase blood flow, a vital part of arousal. CBD also helps regulate our stress response, which has an immediate downstream effect on our body’s ability to relax, release tension and reduce pain, key contributors to pleasurable sex. And though orgasm may not be the ultimate end goal, getting there can have incredible stress-relieving benefits, including reduced cortisol levels, improved sleep and boosted immunity.

“The positive cascade of neurochemical reactions bathes your brain in feel-good hormones that support feelings of creativity and feeling powerful, and may even decrease anxiety,” Reeves writes.

Foria Awaken Arousal Oil

Foria’s lines combine the benefits of broad-spectrum CBD from USDA organic-certified and regeneratively grown hemp, with organic and sustainably grown plant extracts that enhance and amplify CBD’s effects. Their 100% plant-based, organic ingredients are presented in thoughtful, beautiful, refillable packaging that puts less stress on the planet.

May is the month we celebrate masturbation and mothers. We find the coincidence poetic. The stresses in the world become particularly intricate once one becomes a mother, and they can have a lasting impact on everything from the pelvic floor to mental health. For mothers, women and people with vulvas, Foria invites a deeper relationship with pleasure, and different relationship with stress.


I took my time learning about the true benefits of CBD and have tested and learned about a lot of brands in this space. Beauty Heroes decided to launch Foria because of their deep knowledge in this space. They launched their first product in 2011, and they really understand how important the quality of the hemp plant impacts the efficacy of the finished product. I consider them the leaders in CBD for sexual wellness, and we are proud to feature the Foria collection online and in our Northern California store. If you have any questions about the specific Foria products we carry, please don’t hesitate to email our team at so we can help.