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Ease into Evening Ritual with PRIMA

Three mission-driven entrepreneurs – Christopher Gavigan, Jessica Assaf and Laurel Myers – met at the intersection of plant medicine and advocacy, with industry expertise and a shared understanding of how physical, emotional and environmental stress affects our health and happiness. Powered by a promise to protect and preserve the planet, Prima is the premiere science-backed Stress Care brand for skin, body and mind. Featuring single-origin sourced, certified organic hemp CBD and a host of other functional botanicals, this month’s featured brand is on a mission to combat stress at its source, bridge the gap between healthcare and wellness, and help all of us optimize our potential.

Prima Products

Life comes with stress. Nature knows this, and provides a panacea in the form of plants, phyto cannaboids chief among them. The key to unlocking our endocannabinoid system, these potent, hemp-based compounds support our body’s natural ability to regulate stress, reduce inflammation and anxiety, and return to homeostasis. Our August Discovery is a triology of plant therapy designed to do just that.

Prima Products

Sleep is the most powerful antidote to stress – but the greater the stress, the more elusive the rest. By bringing the body back into balance, we create the conditions necessary for a restorative night’s sleep. This month’s Ease into Evening Ritual is our step-by-step guide to help you unwind. Try it as directed, or mix’n match with other Beauty Store must haves.


Beyond Body Oil

Begin to unwind with Beyond Body Oil, Prima’s ultra-light, quick to dry oil formulated with a blend of skin-mimicking jojoba, grapeseed and apricot oils, as well as magnesium and 600mg of single origin certified organic hemp CBD. Apply to palms and glide over skin, from neck to toe. The calming aroma of cedar, ylang ylang, celery seed, star anise and patchouli cues relaxation.

Prima R+R Cream

Soothe away stress with the cooling synergy of eucalyptus, menthol, tea tree, and peppermint in Prima’s R+R Cream. Infused with a whopping 750mg of organic hemp CBD, this lightweight cream targets stressed areas to deliver enduring anti-inflammatory benefits that aid rest and recovery. Apply to palms and massage into any areas where you carry stress – head, shoulders, knees or toes.

Ingredients® Body Oil

Relieve stressed skin with a spritz of Ingredients® Plant Water Mist, a proprietary blend of steam-distilled fresh flowers, organic plant waters, and lavender hydrosols that refresh, hydrate and calm the skin. Lightly mist over cleansed skin, inhale the soothing aroma, then allow to dry before applying treatment.

Oio Lab - The Forest Retreat Calming Treatment

Retreat to relaxation with Oio Lab The Forest Retreat Calming Treatment, an Ayurvedic-inspired and science-backed formula designed to soothe, de-stress, and reduce redness. Apply a small amount to face and neck, and massage gently upwards and outwards in small, slow circular motions, paying extra attention to irritated or inflamed areas.

LILFOX Ambrosia Immortalis Eye Mask

Turn your sights to restorative rest with Lilfox Ambrosia Immortalis Eye Mask. Apply the goddess-inspired, antioxidant and omega-packed mask around eyes, forehead, or anywhere you see signs of stress – redness, lines or creases – to support natural cell accumulation for fresh, plump, lifted skin come morning.

Sleep Tight Softgels

Succumb to sleep and seal your ritual with Sleep Tight softgels. Formulated to pull the nervous system from the heightened state of stress back to homeostasis, s balanced blend of amino acids, functional botanicals, and 20mg of certified organic hemp CBD per serving guides the body into it’s most peaceful state for a restorative night’s sleep. Take 2 soft gels 15-20 minutes before bed. Awake anew.