Everything You Need to Know About Olio E Osso

After hearing rave reviews and buzz about the clean beauty brand Olio E Osso, you might be curious about what is exciting fans around the world about this artisan brand. The good news is, we have a lot to say about them and all of the Olio E Osso products we carry at Beauty Heroes. To help you familiarize yourself with this brand, what it stands for, and the products it offers, we wanted to give you a thorough rundown of everything you want or need to know about Olio E Osso;from its inception and first-ever product to where it stands today. Let’s take a moment to get to know this incredible beauty as a skincare brand a little better.

The Start of Olio E Osso

Olio E Osso first came about when professional makeup artist and stylist Paola LaMorticella saw an empty space in the beauty market and decided to take it upon herself to address that need. After spending over 25 years in the beauty industry working with a celebrity clientele from around the globe, Paola learned a great deal about makeup and skincare products including the ingredients in them. She knew what ingredients worked best for her clients and what she could use on them to get the results she wanted. Her knowledge and understanding of skincare ingredients were put to the test after her infant son began developing these frustrating patches of dry skin that would not seem to go away on their own. Paola explored her options and tried a number of different products to help with these patches, but nothing worked the way she wanted it to. All of the products she tried contained steroids or irritating ingredients that partially worked, but only left her son feeling itchy and uncomfortable. Paola needed to resolve her son’s concerns, so she took it upon herself to create the solution. This was where her knowledge of skincare came into the scene as she worked combining ingredients that would ultimately soothe her son’s skin and relieve him of his discomfort.

After some work mixing ingredients, she created a portable balm stick that made it easy for her to apply the product to her infant child wherever and whenever she needed to. That exact product would go on to become the Balm No. 1 from Olio E Osso, a now-signature product in her brand’s lineup. Paola realized she had something great on her hands when she began to use the extra balms she had on some of her professional athlete clients who had particular needs in their careers. Even the ones who were unenthused by makeup were enamored by the balms she was using and enjoyed the results they achieved with this product. To give herself more options to work with and give her clients a subtle flush of color, Paola began adding tints to her balms and saw beautiful results on the skin. With the perfect balance of skincare and beauty in mind, Paola launched Olio E Osso in 2014 with her partner May Albano, who brought her business and design background to the table to help get this clean beauty brand up and running.

Effective Ingredients With No Fillers

So how did she do it? What did Paola use to create her brand’s hero products, the tinted balms? With her existing knowledge of skincare and a good amount of research on top of that, Paola created these popular lip and cheek balms with a careful blend of natural ingredients. She wanted to create a simple, effective formula that avoided any unnecessary filler ingredients since those have the potential to be irritants or allergens and offer no real benefits to the skin. Irritation and sensitization were the last things she wanted to cause when creating a product to use on her child. Paola focused on creating a natural skincare product that featured only high-quality ingredients, safe enough to use on her own infant son. She created the base of her balms with shea nut oil, olive oil, natural beeswax, and a blend of essential oils. The tinted balms also include a mixture of mineral tints to give off their distinct hues.

This blend of rich oils is meant to be soothing, moisturizing, and nourishing to the skin so that you can easily treat any irritation or dryness on your skin with a quick, easy-to-apply balm. You can find a similar blend of ingredients in the Olio E Osso Lip Scrub which is meant to treat the lips without drying them out in the process. Like the balms, the lip scrub features olive oil and natural beeswax to create the smooth, creamy base of the product. Olive seed powder and coffee seed powder are added as natural exfoliants to gently remove any dead skin cells at the surface of the lips. This minimalist take on selecting ingredients and creating formulas is exactly the sort of thing we love to see and encourage here at Beauty Heroes. Each of the ingredients used across the Olio E Osso products are sourced from nature, comfortable, and effective at what they were intended to do. No excess and filler, just the ingredients you wanted to see.

Using the Multi-Purpose Balms

Now that we have taken the time to discuss the ingredients that go into these multi-purpose tinted balms, let’s go over some of the ways that you can incorporate your balms in your beauty routine. The tinted options allow you to use them as lip and cheek colors, giving you a fresh flush of color that feels natural and effortless with just the right amount of radiance. You can simply swipe them on and blend them out with a brush, sponge, or just your fingers. These products make it easy to create a monochromatic look perfect for getting ready against the clock. You can even use these handy balms on the eyelids as a quick splash of color that adds some definition to the eyes. These products are incredibly versatile, which makes sense when you consider that it was a makeup artist who created them. Professional makeup artists rely on multi-use products that can save space in their makeup kits and work for all kinds of clients with various features, complexions, and preferences.

Perhaps even more flexible than the tinted balms is the universal Clear Balm by Olio E Osso. There is no shortage of ways that you can use this versatile product. The fact that it is clear on the skin only makes it more useful when it comes to layering or mixing it with other products. The smooth, moisturizing base also allows it to blend out or blend into other creamy products naturally for an even, seamless effect. The clear, or No. 11 balm can be used during just about any step in your beauty routine. Use it on your lips alone or as a mix-in to make another lip color more hydrating and comfortable. This balm also makes a beautiful, dewy highlighter when you want a very subtle glow. It leaves behind enough shine to glisten beautifully under the sunlight, yet still feel fresh and natural without any color layered on top of your skin. Swipe it on the eyes for a comfortable glossy eye look, or blend it into your cream cheek products to leave behind a glowy effect. This product can even be used on hair to calm down flyaway hairs and protect split ends with just a small amount. Of course, you can always go back to basics and use it as it was originally intended: as a soothing, moisturizing balm. Apply it to any dry patches you are dealing with and rub just a little bit onto your cuticles to keep them soft. We really weren’t kidding when we said this product was versatile.

Proper Lip Care

Olio E Osso makes it easy to create new lip care habits with balms and lip scrubs. You can turn to them day or night for hydrating, softening lip products. To revamp your lip care routine, you might want to pick up one of each type of product so that you can enjoy the distinct benefits each one has to offer. Start with the clear No. 11 balm as your go-to lip balm for day or night to add some moisture to the lips and protection from external elements like wind and cold. Everyone should have a lip scrub on call for whenever their lips are feeling rough. Like the balm, the lip scrub from Olio E Osso is in a convenient and easy-to-use stick format, so you can just swipe it onto your lips back and forth to get just enough product on your lips. You can then massage the product onto your lips with your finger, working off any dead skin cells to reveal soft, smooth lips underneath. Wipe off the excess with a cloth or tissue and your lips are ready for a balm or lipstick application. A tinted lip balm makes a great daytime option for adding a little color to the lips while imparting some nourishing oils and hydration.

Sleek Packaging

Packaging plays an important role in the overall experience of using a product. It influences the way that you as the user get to enjoy the product every day even on days when you are not reaching for it. The right packaging and brand aesthetic for your preferences can have an impact on your mood just by sight. Sometimes it feels nice seeing all of your beauty or skincare products neatly arranged on your vanity, nightstand, shelf, or in your drawer. It could be a welcome boost to your mood, especially if you are the type of person to use your beauty or skincare routine as a time of relaxation and soothing. As common as it may be, being a daily ritual, this act of self-care can be a beautiful moment that allows you to focus on yourself and feel pampered. That is why the packaging and appearance of our beauty products matter. Sometimes just seeing the products in their rightful places is enough to conjure up those peaceful feelings and lift your mood. The Olio E Osso packaging is chic and compact, perfectly balancing style and practicality with their translucent, minimal design. The clear packaging allows you to see straight through to find the exact color you want without shuffling through products, reading labels and checking contents. These sleek, sophisticated components make a wonderful addition to any vanity or beauty collection anywhere.

Hometown Feel

Olio E Osso is proud to share that they source the ingredients in their products locally within miles of their headquarters in Portland, Oregon. In fact, their products are designed, sourced, and crafted in small batches in Portland, Oregon by a team of trusted, capable artisans who put their hearts into what they do at Olio E Osso. The Olio team is largely comprised of women who do their best to create a positive workplace that is respectful and supportive. Paola created an atmosphere that celebrates the Olion crafters and sets an example for other young women entering the field

Olio E Osso is an exciting brand that definitely warrants the attention and praise it receives for its products and overall vision. Paola and May did a fantastic job at developing this company from the ground up, turning a single product into a brand that people come back to for back-ups and repurchases. The formulas are exactly what you want them to be and the applications are nearly endless. If you are on the lookout for some multi-use beauty products that can get you out the door quickly, the Olio E Osso balms are practically calling out your name from their sleek, compact packaging.

With that, you should have everything you need to know about this beauty brand to form an initial opinion and decide which products you would like to try from the collection first. Feel free to reach out to the Beauty Heroes team for more information on any of these products or on any personal recommendations we might have for you. We are excited to hear what you think about Olio E Osso once you test out the products firsthand.