Exploring the Potential of Refillable Products With Fitglow Beauty

It’s a reality that we all live with: many of the beauty products we use and rely on every day create a significant amount of waste over time. Just consider the number of empty jars and bottles you alone throw out in a year. Certain brands are making important strides to be more sustainable however. One of the ways they are doing this is through a shift toward refillable products that reduce waste and the demand for packaging. 

Fitglow Beauty is a great example of a brand that offers several different refillable products that we are proud to carry at Beauty Heroes. Fitglow was an early adopter of refillable products and led by example, showing other brands that it is a viable option to offer customers that are seeking sustainable options. 

What Exactly Are Refillable Beauty Products?

These are products that can be used and refilled with a new cartridge, pan, or package of some kind, to be used this way indefinitely. It is an easy system to adopt that is mirroring trends in other industries, such as the push for reusable shopping bags and totes.

It is an exciting development to see brands building into their collections and something we always want to see more beauty brands implementing. This is the sort of practice that we always encourage for those looking for better ways to purchase their beauty essentials. If you have never considered using refillable beauty products before but are interested in learning about them now, we would be glad to share some of our thoughts on them with you, using Fitglow Beauty as the prime example.

Why Do Brands Create Refills?

Beauty brands will usually offer refills for their products because of environmental factors, convenience, and affordability. Refills are designed to use less material than ordinary products, which means it produces less waste to use a refill than to purchase a new product entirely. Refills are also less expensive because they do not have to include the expenses of the original packaging, passing cost savings to consumers.

Should I Buy Refillable Products?

Generally, we would recommend using refillable products for any staple products in your routine that you know you will repurchase at some point. It makes maintaining your beauty routine more affordable and less wasteful in the long run.

Fitglow Refillable Products

Refillable Products Worth Trying Out

It wouldn’t be right to discuss how Fitglow utilizes product refills without actually discussing any of the innovative products that feature this option. Let’s take a look at a few of the skincare products that Fitglow Beauty offers that feature refillable packaging.

It is also worth noting that although Fitglow has several refillable options now, they are still working towards expanding their range and introducing more products that feature this option. One thing that you will notice about these products is that they are all ones that you will likely go through in their entirety and then go back for more.

These products make an easy and natural addition to your skincare routine, day or night, and will make the most sense as products you can refill them once you are done and need to reup your supply.

Day Essence

Fitglow Day Set The Day Essence mist is a super-hydrating spray formulated to protect the skin from environmental stressors like blue light and air pollution. Ingredients like agave stem cells, soothing aloe juice, and niacinamide come together to create a gentle mist that protects and hydrates your skin, prepping it for the rest of your beauty routine and starting your day off right.

Night Essence

Fitglow Night Set The perfect complement to the Day Essence, we have the Night Essence mist ready to heal and hydrate your skin at the end of a stressful day. It is designed to plump and hydrate the skin with hyaluronic acid and bakuchiol, fighting off signs of aging, while kojic acid and niacinamide brighten the complexion and reduce dark spots on the skin. It creates the perfect pair with its daytime counterpart.

Cloud Ceramide Cream

Fitglow Cloud Ceramide Balm Once you have all of your essences, serums, and toners applied, it is time to finish your routine using a luxe, nourishing moisturizer like the Cloud Ceramide Cream by Fitglow Beauty. It is meant to be a gentle, soothing product that calms the skin and reduces signs of redness, irritation, and even rosacea. Shea butter, argan oil, and grapeseed oil hydrate and nourish the skin, as cucumber and gentle botanicals keep the skin feeling cool and calm.

When you take a step back and consider what this sort of refill system has to offer you, it becomes clear that it is a great option to have, especially for your most used products. It is a more sustainable option that cuts down on waste, provides you with lower prices for the products you love, and is a simple system to opt in or out of.

Honestly, there are so many benefits to this option, we really would love to see more of it from brands throughout the beauty industry. Until then, we will continue to showcase and support the brands that go out of their way to implement this option like Fitglow Beauty and encourage others to do the same.

Introducing Fitglow Beauty’s Refillable Palette

Fitglow Refillable Palette We are so proud to be able to share with you the Fitglow Beauty Refillable Palette. It is one of the newest releases by the brand and it has certainly gotten us excited to see it come to life.

This refillable palette is just as the name describes, a palette that you can use and refill once you use up your products inside. This four-pan magnetic palette perfectly fits four individual pans of the brand’s blush and eyeshadows, which come together to create one unique palette. The pans of shadow are sold individually so you get to customize your personal palette by choosing the exact shades that you want to use. This means you do not have to pick up a quad and use only two or three of the shades or desperately wish that you could just readjust your palette a little so that you feel happier with the color story.

It is fully customizable, so you get to make the exact palette that you want. Since you can create such concise color stories with these Fitglow Beauty palettes, you can also create more than one for yourself depending on the sorts of makeup looks you do most often and what colors you would need to achieve them.

These secure, compact palettes are lightweight, elegant, and easy to travel with, so you can enjoy them sitting prominently at your vanity or tucked away inside your sealed makeup bag. There is so much to say about these products that we want to get right into it and discuss what makes this such an exciting release and how it can change up the way you see your beauty routine.

Environmental Implications

As we mentioned above, the environmental aspect of refillable beauty products is one of the key reasons why people reshape their beauty routine to include them. They appreciate that refillable products are designed to generate less waste by creating high-quality, long-lasting outer packaging that you can then refill rather than replace entirely.

With the refillable palette by Fitglow Beauty, we see an eco-friendly mindset reveal itself right out of the gate. The palette itself was made using post-consumer plastic and even the envelopes that the individual pressed powder come in are made thoughtfully with easily recyclable paper packaging.

This was a true joy for the brand to announce as the palette was released. These palettes were created with 45,000 recycled plastic water bottles that were thrown away by consumers. They took this material that could have gone to waste and created something new with it instead.

We were already impressed by Fitglow’s dedication to eco-friendly practices and sustainability but this just takes things a step further and shows just how much brands can actually do to make change in the beauty industry, which is known for being highly wasteful.

Colors & Formula

Fitglow Eyeshadow So now that you have a clear picture regarding the benefits of the refillable palette and the vision behind it, we want to go into more detail about the formulation of the products that go into the palette. The Multi-Use Pressed Shadow & Blush Colour are high-end powder products designed to be used on the eyes or cheeks. They are formulated using skincare ingredients such as squalane and cloudberry seed oil so that the powders apply more gracefully across the skin and feel great going on.

Each natural mineral pigment is created with just the right amount of color payoff so you can have the full impact of color while also being able to blend it out easily and seamlessly. Fitglow Beauty released twelve shades with this launch including a curated selection of neutral and blush tones that can work easily as either a nude eyeshadow look or an effortless blush.

How This Fits Into Your Routine

Makeup is meant to be creative and make you feel more confident, so the way that you use it is all up to you. Having more flexible and versatile products helps so that you can create all the looks you want easily, whether it is an occasional bold look or a daily neutral eye look. For refillable products, it is usually the best idea to choose products that you know you will use up and want to replace at some point, so you will likely want to select shades that you would wear the most often.

Since they double as cheek products, you can create a blush palette or add one or two blush colors to complete a full face. You can even use these multi-purpose powders to create a soft monochromatic look with ease. And once you use up your favorites, you can always pick up a replacement.

Take a look at the palette and pressed shadows for yourself and see which colors come together to create the most perfect quad that is just right for you. Shop the Fitglow Beauty refillable palette now and check out the rest of the Beauty Heroes collection with Fitglow Beauty while you are in the mood for luxury clean beauty products.

Q&A With the Founder


1. Investing in refillable packaging is a pretty significant FINANCIAL investment, what made you choose this route of packaging innovation?

It is important to both myself and Fitglow Beauty as a company to reduce our environmental impact and carbon footprint. We chose to make refillable packaging a priority for our company as we further commit to our 2030 mission for a more sustainable beauty experience across all of our products. We’re dedicated to investing in refillable innovative while still maintaining the signature look of our products that our customers love.

2. How have you seen the adoption of the refillable components develop over the past 2 years?

As a pioneer of refillable packaging in the indie beauty space, we definitely noticed a slower initial adoption of the idea by consumers. Through our education pieces and consumers’ increase of sustainability awareness, we find that the concept and adoption of refillable packaging is rapidly growing. For us, refillable packaging and sustainable materials are now deeply embedded into our company culture.

3. What are some of the responses you hear from customers directly about your refillable program?

Our customers love our refillable program for a multitude of reasons. The program not only lets them keep the beautiful exterior packaging they love but it also helps them actively work toward reducing packaging waste and shipping weight, which reduces CO2 emissions. We’ve also built in a price incentive to our refills which allows consumers who have not adopted the refillable concept yet to now experience what refillable beauty is all about.

4. What can we expect to see next year from Fitglow in terms of refillable packaging?

We are going to continue to develop a combination of packaging and formula innovations that will help dramatically improve our company’s sustainability footprint and have a positive impact on the environment.