Vintner's Daughter | Extended Maceration

Extended Maceration: The Vintner’s Daughter Process

This month’s Hero Product Selection from Active Botanical Serum by Vintner’s Daughter is complex, concentrated and potent; it’s no wonder that the process used to craft it is informed by the intense detail involved in fine winemaking. Intrigued by how this skin-transforming blend achieves it’s multi-correctional and stunning results, we asked April Gargiulo, founder of Vintner’s Daughter, to go deeper into the process of extended maceration, which she uses to impart the potent actives into this blend.

As April explains in detail, the infusion process in fine winemaking is called maceration, which is when grape skins and juice are carefully pressed and then left to sit in contact. Grape skins are what give wine its color, much of its taste profile and texture. The process she use for developing her face serum is very similar, but instead of color, taste and texture, here she’s interested in transferring skin brightening vitamins like vitamins A, B9, C, D, and K and skin strengthening minerals like iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, sulfur, silica and magnesium. What makes this process so special is that it’s slow– it takes time and patience.

To start, she sources whole organic nettle, dandelion and alfalfa plants – often referred to as ‘the foods of life’ because of their high quality nutrient density. These plants are put through the process of maceration with Vintner’s Daughters’ two organic foundation oils; grape seed and hazelnut. The plants and oils are carefully supervised, as they are infused with the nutrients and vitamins imparted by the whole plants, slowly over time. The result is April’s prized phyto radiance infusion, the base for Active Botanical Serum, and what Vintner’s Daughter enthusiastically refers to as their ‘magic fairy dust’. The oils on their own are rich with essential fatty acids and antioxidants, yet were also carefully chosen to be infused with the skin-renewing actives because of their small particle size, making them readily absorbed by the skin. April explains that, “because skin fully recognizes these plant actives as the nutritive building blocks of it’s own structure, rather than a foreign substance, as they penetrate deeply in the skin, it naturally becomes more balanced, healthy and radiant.” This process, steeped in tradition honors the sun and earth as much as your skin.