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Waking Up Fresh Faced in 2021 with Fitglow

I met Anna almost three years ago when we bonded over healthy beauty that performs and our common Polish heritage. At that time, she shared her struggle with Rosacea and skin redness, which led to our first Beauty Heroes Discovery in February 2018 featuring Cloud Comfort Cream as our Hero product and Redness Rescue Cream as its Sidekick. I remember after meeting her, I thought to myself, before even trying a Fitglow product, ‘whatever this woman makes, I want it at Beauty Heroes’. It’s been all uphill since then, as we’ve since celebrated Fitglow with two Limited Edition Makeup Discoveries launching her adored Lip Colour Serums, Good Lash + Mascara and highlighted her top-selling eye cream, Eye C Firm.

In the years that I’ve known Anna, she’s become a prolific formulator with a talent of blurring the lines between makeup and skincare, something many have attempted, but few have accomplished. She’s also taken challenged herself to develop packaging that is lighter on the planet, committing to a path of refillable packaging, which Beauty Heroes members get to experience with this month’s Hero product, Night Essence, a vitamin infused skin refining nighttime hydration booster.

Fitglow Night Essence

I chose Night Essence as our debut Hero product to begin 2021 because it has all the ingredients, I love in one product that I can generously mist under and over any other product. Essences, borrowed from popular K-Beauty rituals, build on the understanding that skin more readily absorbs vitamins, minerals and actives when it’s freshly hydrated. Night Essence delivers the hydration with organic aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, rose and chamomile flower waters. But then, it’s infused with vitamin B3 Niacinamide, Kojic Acid and Bakuchiol, actives from nature that help to brighten appearance of skin tone, lighten discoloration and smooth out fine lines. Night Essence has a barely there, whisper soft aromatic profile that is refreshing and perfect for an evening skincare ritual.

Fitglow also launched a Day Essence, a companion to my Hero product, Night Essence, and they both come with refillable packaging where the outer shell and mist are re-used, and the inner bottle is easily replaced. Not only is refillable packaging lighter on the planet in the amount of plastic and carbon footprint, but it also saves you $10 on the refill.

Fitglow Vita Rich Creme + Night Lip Serum

This month, we are also delivering two Fitglow Sidekicks, the first is a reformulation of a Fitglow staple, Vita Rich Cream, an ultra-nourishing moisturizer that’s been updated with two notable ingredients. The first, Cogon Grass is a rare grass that has a unique combination of sugars and minerals that help skin absorb and retain hydrating ingredients – making it the perfect pairing with Night Essence. The second is Bakuchiol, a legume rich in Vitamin A that’s gentler than its synthetic cousin, retinol. Vita Rich Cream also has all the lovely ingredients you expect from a luxury Fitglow cream, organic rosehip seed oil, borage seed oil, argan oil, hyaluronic acid, plum extract and so much more. I hope you will enjoy discovering this updated core Fitglow moisturizer.

Our second Sidekick completes the perfect Fitglow PM Ritual, Night Lip Serum. I thought this product would be a welcome treat, especially in the height of winter to soothe dry and chapped lips. This one-of-kind swipe on formula is the ultimate luscious lip treatment, made with pomegranate sterols to increase moisturization for smooth feeling lips. Rice ceramides and vegetable collagen create a fuller, plumper looking pucker. Beetroot boosts the appearance of healthy, vibrant lips, while shea and cocoa butters provide a protective sensation and visibly improve the appearance of fine lines and aging. The result is a feeling of long-lasting moisture and revitalized looking lips upon rising in the morning. And it’s worth mentioning, Night Lip Serum need not be reserved only night, it’s perfectly okay to wear all day.

I hope you enjoy discovery or re-discovering Fitglow this month and create your own, perfect PM ritual.


RANAVAT Luminous Ceremony Cream Cleanser

Squeeze a dime size amount of RANAVAT’S Luminous Ceremony Cream Cleanser into damp skin and gently massage in circular motions across forehead, nose, cheeks and chin to remove makeup and buildup. Splash warm water to rinse skin clean. Pat dry.

Fitglow Night Essence

Spritz Fitglow’s Night Essence onto face, neck and décolleté, saturating the skin. Using the pads of your fingertips, gently press into the skin.

FitGlow Nourish

Nourish skin with Biophile’s Bio-Shroom Rejuvenating Serum, a refortifying cocktail of antioxidants and adaptogens that restores depleted skin. Massage 1-2 pumps of serum onto face, neck and décolleté to notice immediate plumping benefit. Allow 30 seconds for the serum to absorb before moving on to the next step.

Fitglow Vita Rich Creme

Massage 2-3 pumps of Fitglow’s new and improved Vita Rich Crème into dewy skin to help the serum penetrate even deeper, and to provide a light protective layer on the surface of the skin, sealing in moisture.

Apply Fitglow’s Bakuchiol Body Cream from the neck down for full body hydration. Formulated with many of the same actives as the face cream, this body treatment smoothes the appearance and texture of the skin while locking in moisture.

Fitglow Night Lip Serum

Swipe clean, dry lips with Fitglow’s Night Lip Serum. The ultra moisturizing formula glides on and leaves a buttery finish, without feeling sticky, and it’s clear color ensures there will be no accidental kiss stains on your pillowcase! Awake with a fuller, plumper pucker.

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