Arcana, Free + True and Joaquina Botánica Calendula Products

Harmony is the Mystical Energy of Arcana

When Arcana Founder Erin Hammond formulates, she thinks about the landscape. What thrives in a landscape together also helps your skin thrive. Her formulas are thematic and synergistic, eliminating the need for one key ingredient and allowing them to be multi-use and multi-tasking. Harmony is the mystical, romantic energy of Arcana-and what sets it apart from other brands.

Arcana Products

A historian and lover of plant lore and rituals, Erin believes in the magic and synergy of plants. “We never wanted to be a problem-solution brand. We wanted multi-use formulas that worked for a myriad of skin types and conditions,” says Hammond.

Consequently, she is very circumspect about what goes into their formulas. She is adamant about not using plants that are over-harvested, and biodynamically harvests the dry herbs used in their infusions to protect potency, color and scent.

The world is getting hotter. And colder, windier, wetter and harsher. A night’s rest and a respite from the onslaught is just what your skin, and your mind, need. These soothing, repairing, protective, lull-your-skin-to-restful-sleep products will give you a whole new outlook–and a much fresher look–in the morning light. Before you lay yourself down to sleep, find your bliss with this evening ritual or mix ’n match with other Beauty Store must-haves. Here’s How:

Arcana Lightwave Enzyme Cleansing Balm

See the Light with Arcana Lightwave Enzyme Cleansing Balm. This first cleanse is an excellent choice for those of us who love cleansing with balms or oil–with a bit more power and brightening. The natural warm spicy- floral scent will fill your senses while leaving your skin gently exfoliated, soft, supple, and baby smooth. Massage a thin layer over dry skin, wet hands with warm water, emulsify and rinse clean.

Free + True Soft Power

Add Polish with Free + True Soft Power. For your second cleanse, it’s coconut, banana and oat micro- powders to nourish and polish things off. Dispense a teaspoon of Soft Power into the palm of your hand, wet your fingertips on the other hand and blend into a creamy milk. Gently massage your face in circular motions and rinse.

Joaquina Botánica Calendula + Peptides Hydrating Essence

Replenish with Joaquina Botánica Calendula + Peptides Hydrating Essence. Mist generously onto face, neck and décolleté to replenish the moisture barrier and calm inflammation to reveal more youthful, brightened–and protected–skin.

Arcana Tularosa Nocturnal Illuminating Milk

Milk Does A Body Good. Layer Arcana Tularosa Nocturnal Illuminating Milk to harness the resiliency of desert botanicals to boost hydration–without using irritating acids or actives. Stimulate your skin’s own cellular turnover process overnight. Apply 1-2 pumps to face after cleansing and misting and allow this treatment serum to fully absorb.

Arcana Holocene Intense Repair Balm

Nourish Overnight. Soften and repair skin overnight with a pea-size amount of Arcana Holocene Intense Repair Balm applied to face and neck. Seal in moisture with murumuru and ucuuba butters and deliver essential amino acids from elderberry and cell replenishing date seed extracts. Wake up to rested and restored skin.

Arcana, Free + True and Joaquina Botánica Calendula Products