Healthcare comes full circle

Spas are the original healthcare centers.  And it’s encouraging to see more and more holistic therapies becoming accepted as mainstream care both as standalone treatments and as part of complimentary care programs. I like to think that the acceptance of spas as places of healing have contributed to this shift and one recent discovery makes me think this even more. Let me explain.
Glen Ivy Hot Springs, located in Corona, California, is a classic spa, offering therapeutic waters and mud for DIY treatments or as a background to more massage and other touch therapies. Recently, I came across their Wheel of Wellness (or WOW for short) that they offer to the thousands of guests who visit their resort each year.  Think of the WOW as a holistic pie, with each slice dedicated to the various activities and explorations that might make up your “Glen Ivy Experience.”Wheel of Wellness

How fun to “spin the wheel” and consider options to create your own customized and integrated visit, one that’s sure to deliver healthy results.  Glen Ivy believes there’s a spa experience for “every body” and frame of mind. They know that spas are not one size fits all. I have to admit, my favorite activity on the WOW is “Just being here,” listed under the category of “Finding a deeper sense of well being.” Another variation on the wheel comes by way of the Washington Spa Alliance, an organization that promotes innovation within and about the spas and their intersection with our health and healthcare. Its WOW spins Seven Timeless Truths: Community, Sleep, Quiet, Food, Nature, Water and Fitness – all of which science has shown to definitively support health.
WSPA Wellness Wheel

Which brings me to the most pleasant surprise. I recently came across an ad for Cancer Treatment Centers of America that featured – a Wheel of Wellness. I don’t personally know anyone who has been treated by these centers, but I was encouraged to see how prominently they advocate taking an integrative approach to treating cancer. Its WOW features a range of holistic medicine including naturopathy, mind/body therapy and spiritual support in conjunction with its state of the art traditional medical care.  While going for cancer treatments is nothing like going to a spa, it is encouraging to find more attention on treating patients holistically. It’s the very basis of spa wisdom – and a welcome recognition of the roots of medicine they both share.

infographic healthcare wheel_bp It is my deep belief that more time spent in the spa will result in less time and resources spent on mainstream care, another reason to get to the spa as often as we can.