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What is a Hero Product?

Have you been wondering exactly what defines a Hero Product?  Here’s how I define it and how it inspired Spa Heroes.

A Hero Product:

  • Boasts a loyal group of followers who completely believe in it
  • Delivers on its’ mission
  • Defines and stands out as the shining example of how well a brand performs
  • Is the top seller, highly effective and keeps you coming back time and again
  • Is the one you believe you can’t live without

Years ago I was introduced to the term, ‘The Hero Product’, which I relied on and embraced when considering product lines for my spa. Since then, the term has been completely integrated into the way I experience products and make purchasing decisions.

A great brand has elements of its Hero in all of its products and therefore defining the Hero Product became useful in understanding the unique qualities of a brand.  I could also clearly explain a brand to a customer and the staff by sharing the attributes of its Hero Product, and how the rest of the brand carried through those virtues.

Spa Heroes believes in Hero Products.  By using face, body, sun and hair care products that have clear benefits, and we understand those characteristics, our overall experience is better.

Most importantly, Spa Heroes further defines the Hero Product as one that uses safe ingredients. Our Hero Product Expert Selections are free from harmful and toxic Villain Ingredients, and pack in potent Superpower Ingredients to make a product that delivers on its mission.

Are you like me and when you discover a new Hero Product you want to find out more about the company that makes it, their values and their brand? This natural curiosity further connects you to the their unique story and you become a fan. You may even decide to explore and discover some of their other products.

I find that when I use my Hero Products, I feel my best, most confident and healthiest.

Now, what are your Hero Products?