How Earthwise Beauty Brings the Natural World Into Your Skincare


Whenever a clean beauty brand goes above and beyond the industry standard to demonstrate quality products, commendable business practices, and a sincere love for the craft, we feel compelled to highlight their efforts and share their work with others. We are always excited to shine a spotlight on amazing clean beauty brands and show you what they are doing that makes them stand out in the larger beauty industry. One such brand is Earthwise Beauty, a skincare line we are proud to carry at Beauty Heroes and share more details about. Here are just some of the key points that make Earthwise such a standout in our eyes.

Inspiration Behind the Brand

Earthwise was founded on a genuine love for beauty and wellness products that lead the founder Ava Zhan, down a path of exploration and discovery. Before Earthwise Beauty was conceived, Ava played around with skincare products and tested out lots of different types of products to treat herself to a luxurious experience and benefit her skin with nourishing ingredients. She has always had a strong fondness for skincare products of all kinds, happily applying creams, scrubs, and oils to her face and body to get the results she wanted. After learning more about natural and homemade skin remedies, Ava branched out in her skill set to study aromatherapy and the capabilities of specific ingredients. She delved deep into the natural world to discover all of the benefits that come with aromatics like jasmine and vetiver. She learned more about what each ingredient could do for a person’s well-being and began making concoctions combining particular ingredients to yield certain results.

Among all of these experiments, Ava began creating custom mixtures to address the various concerns of her friends, family, and coworkers. Ultimately, this personal interest evolved into a great idea for a full-fledged business, and the name Earthwise Beauty came to mind. Earthwise Beauty was inspired by venturing into the natural world, developing an understanding of plant life and appreciating it for all it has to offer. You can see this inspiration all throughout the brand, across every lovingly crafted balm, mask, serum, and oil. That spirit of exploration and genuine passion for natural skincare products thrives within Earthwise Beauty and reaches every person who picks up a product to try for themselves.

Ethically Sourced Ingredients

Natural, organic ingredients are at the heart of Earthwise Beauty and that shows in the ingredients list of every product they offer. Earthwise is incredibly selective about which ingredients they choose and how they formulate them together to create the most balanced, targeted skincare products possible. A large part of the process is in sourcing the raw materials, so that everything they do is driven by a planet-friendly ambition and a desire to respect the environment they draw inspiration from. Earthwise would not exist without love, respect, and appreciation for the natural world. This is what leads Earthwise to being so selective of their sourcing. They take advantage of their own organic farming to provide many of the ingredients they use and take extra care to responsibly wildcraft from local fields and forests whenever possible, without harming the local ecosystems. All other materials are sourced from thoroughly vetted vendors around the world that utilize sustainable farming and harvesting techniques. All of these guarantee products made from the highest quality ingredients possible, with respect for the planet.

Maintaining Freshness

Since so much of Earthwise Beauty relies on the merits of natural, plant-based ingredients, preserving quality is a critical step. The more fresh the formula is, the more effective it is on the skin. Earthwise is careful to use natural preservatives to extend the lifespan of their products, but not so much that it will affect the quality and integrity of the ingredients. Too many antimicrobial ingredients would limit many of the organic ingredients from expressing their full capabilities. After a great deal of research and testing, they discovered the perfect balance of formulation to ensure the potency of their products for an extended period of time. It is a great thing that they found this balance because excessive amounts of preservatives can potentially cause dryness, irritation, or sensitization, counteracting the benefits of these clean, organic ingredients. We recommend using your Earthwise Beauty products within six months of receiving them in order to get the most out of the ingredients while they are strong and vibrant. The effects of these rich, potent ingredients will shine through much more clearly.

Sustainable Packaging

In addition to thoughtfully planning how they source supplies to create their products, Earthwise Beauty took the time to consider how they could design their packaging to have as little environmental impact as possible. They wanted to look beyond the product itself to really gauge their potential impact on the planet with all of the individual components that they produce. Earthwise shows attention to detail by using packaging that is easy to recycle and reducing the use of plastics with glass bottles for many products. Even the cartons each product comes in are recyclable, so customers do not have to feel guilty throwing single-use or virgin plastics into the trash after the container is emptied. This attention to detail also extends to shipping materials as Earthwise proudly utilizes recycled boxes and tissue wrapping paper to securely contain and ship these precious bottles and jars to you in perfect condition. All of these efforts show the genuine commitment that Earthwise Beauty has made to sustainability and planet-friendly practices. They are thoughtful, forward-thinking, and sincere in their efforts to provide quality products sourced from natural ingredients, while respecting the environment in the process.

The best way to learn about Earthwise Beauty is to explore their product selections and try out the ones that are best suited to fit your needs. We would also be happy to offer you some recommendations that could target specific concerns you have. You can ask us about any of their products at In general, we suggest you take a look at their Marshmallow Face Cleanser, Ambrosia Do Cerrado Liquid Moisturizer, and the Thelma Lip Treatment for a simple and effective nighttime skincare routine. But of course, they have lots of nourishing serums, masks, and oils that can fill out that routine for you as well.