How Golde Uses Better Ingredients for Body and Beauty

At Beauty Heroes, our collection of clean, green and blue beauty brands and products represent some of the leaders in our industry. While each of them is motivated by a unique vision and mission, we’ve selected them all because we believe that in some way, they bring unique value to our lives.

Speaking of visions, Golde, which began in a Brooklyn apartment in 2017 (and is still Brooklyn-based) is a true success story. Founders Trinity Mouzon Wofford and Issey Kobori were spurred by a vision to make wellness easy, accessible, and fun for all.

It all started with a single product, Golde’s Original Turmeric Latte Blend, and has since grown into an inside-out beauty brand that crafts high-quality holistic and functional beauty and wellness products made only with 100% natural and vegan ingredients, at a price that is accessible to most.

Making Wellness Easy and Accessible

Golde’s Original Turmeric Latte Blend is the company’s original Hero product. This formula centers on a carefully-sourced high-potency superfood turmeric as its pillar ingredient, combining it with a wonderful assortment of healthful vegan ingredients that froth up into a piquant, delicious beverage that delivers a load of benefits which extend well beyond culinary enjoyment!

Bright golden turmeric is the focal ingredient of this Latte Blend, which is evident from its bright orange-yellow hue. A relative of ginger, turmeric can be immediately recognized by its dark amber color and pungent, spicy scent. A longtime staple spice in Indian and Asian cuisines, turmeric has recently been gaining recognition for more than just its powerful and pleasant flavor – this superfood has been studied worldwide for its positive implications in holistic wellness.

Some far-ranging health benefits of turmeric have been reported, and depending on the source, you will see turmeric touted as a panacea to address inflammation, the root cause of many illnesses. As it happens, inflammation also is also the root of many skin conditions and imbalances. By taking turmeric regularly, you benefit from its antiinflammatory properties holistically, so its properties are applied throughout the skin, and could have the potential to address something as simple as a headache to other more serious issues stemming from inflammation.

These anti-inflammatory properties may be able to boost skin health and promote healthier, younger-looking and feeling skin.

Turmeric doesn’t work wonders alone in this delicious mix. This blend also contains black pepper, which aids making turmeric more bioavailable and absorbed to help fight inflammation as well as other traditional herbs; cardamom, cinnamon, and turmeric’s cousin, ginger, all of which may work in tandem to promote healthier looking and feeling skin.

But these are not the only reasons that we – and our customers – love Golde’s original blend. Its delicious flavor is a crowd-pleaser, too – and of course, Golde has grown, now offering a Golde Turmeric Matcha latte and Golde Turmeric Cacao latte – as well as topical turmeric beauty products as well!

Papaya and Clean Greens Face Masks

Though it started with a Turmeric Latte Blend, Golde has extended the line to harness the topical benefits of turmeric on the skin, sticking to the guiding principle of using well-known superfoods to deliver holistic results at an accessible price.

The Golde Papaya Bright Instant Exfoliating Face Mask is made with a carefully balanced blend of superfood ingredients. The key ingredients are marshmallow, papaya and sea buckthorn, all of which are known, collectively, for their anti-inflammatory properties. Papaya, in particular, contains the enzymes papain and chymopapain which slough away dead skin cells leaving skin feeling renewed and revealing a cells while a more youthful appearance.

This powdered mask is easy to mix. Combine it with water, hydrosol, tea and/or honey for a delicious treat for the senses.

Golde’s second blend available at Beauty Heroes is the Clean Greens Face Mask. This formula is a powerful detoxifying blend that fortifies the skin resulting in a visibly clearer complexion.

Among its top ingredients are marshmallow, mango, spirulina and chlorella. Spirulina is a superfood blue-green algae that is packed with minerals and antioxidants, a true superfood.Chlorella, another type of algae, is also rich in antioxidants, full of omega fatty acids and vitamins that can support detoxification and optimal skin health. Clean Greens can be mixed with tea, juice, yogurt, honey or water and can also be used to help clarify skin anywhere on the body like the back, chest or shoulders. It’s truly a versatile Hero product.

Learn More about Golde

We love that Golde embraces inside-out beauty and wellness – making superfoods a staple and more accessible and digestible. We highly recommend sipping a Turmeric latte while maksking with one of their two skincare blends, which incidentally can be used on men, teens and people of all ages and skin types. The recipes and ways to enjoy Golde are endless, making it versatile and useful to everyone.

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