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Hydrotherapy at Home

Growing up in Hawaii, my daily ritual included a dip in the ocean. It was a part of the culture and was as habitual as brushing my teeth or eating breakfast. I knew instinctively that swimming in the ocean was good for my skin and body, but it wasn’t until I moved to the East Coast, thousands of miles away from my childhood paradise, that I understood the overall sense of wellbeing that came from the  salt water. From mineral-replenishing ocean soaks to at-home hydrotherapy baths, our water rituals can support a healthy metabolism, circulation, reduce joint and muscle inflammation and boost endorphins.

As fate would have it, I became a Spa Director (The word SPA comes from the Latin phrase Sanitas Per Aquas, or ‘health through water’). At the spa, hydrotherapy baths were a professional treatment provided by a practitioner who would draw a bath with a generous dose of French seaweed, dead sea salts and high quality aromatherapy blends custom tailored to the time of day and the current needs of the guest’s body.  We offered a blend for deep relaxation, muscle and tension release, morning rejuvenation, immunity, decongestion and more. The hydrotherapy bath tubs featured over a hundred jets that were perfectly spaced under and around the body so they could rotate through a cycle and stimulate lymph movement and detoxification. Often, a water massage would accompany the treatment, supporting the water pressure with manual compression along the legs, feet and back. Of all the treatments offered in the spa, I believe that hydrotherapy offered the most profound benefits. Tensions melted, moods lifted and a good night’s sleep was a given.

Ever since my days as a Spa Director, I have stocked my bathroom with tubs of high quality salts, seaweed and oils, blending baths at home to get as close to the benefits of the hydrotherapy experience at the spa.  And just like preparing a good meal, I’ve learned to never skimp on ingredients. Even in the absence of the fancy bath tub, a well-crafted soak always feels luxurious.

As technology has evolved, so has the bath. I stumbled on an article touting the benefits of taking a digital detox bath, to detox the body from stress, toxins and EMF’s (electromagnetic frequencies) that we are exposed to by our constant interaction with technology. I was intrigued.

I purchased a bag of Pursoma’s Digital Detox, which contains French Grey sea salt and French Green montmorillonite clay to clear toxins through its ionic exchanging abilities. At bathtime, I tore open the bag, took a deep inhale and instantly returned to the Hydrotherapy room of my first spa. The salts and clay smelled familiar, rich and fresh from the ocean. I poured the dense bag of clay and salt into the bath, added some essential oils and soaked. This bath was what I had been longing for, and my body knew just what to do. I soaked for about 40 minutes to absorb as many of the benefits from that bag of salty good stuff as I could. I emerged warm, rested and soothed. The soak delivered an effect that lasted for several days after and left me looking forward to my next date night with Pursoma.

Since then, I’ve tried the collection of Pursoma baths, and regularly select a bath based on what my body needs.

  • I choose the Resurrection bath for when I am burned out and need some intense rejuvenation. It has the most concentrated dose of minerals and has been a real life saver for me when I’ve been energetically depleted.
  • I choose the Hot Tub bath when I feel like I’m coming down with something. This bath contains a healthy dose of powdered warming ginger, and I’ve found it to do wonders to help boost my immunity.
  • I choose the Après Savasana when I want to get out of my head. In addition to the salt and seaweed, this bath incorporates frankincense, ho wood, atlas and Himalayan cedar wood essential oils that help me stop thinking and deeply relax.
  • I choose the Minerals de Mer bath for maintenance, when I want to feel great and don’t need that extra little something.
  • I choose Digital Detox when I’m feeling overwhelmed and need something to help me get grounded.

While I’m still thousands of miles away from the restorative waters of Hawaii, I can recreate an environment at home that does wonders for my body, skin and soul.