Ingredients® Products

Ingredients® Defies All Labels

The brand is a newcomer, but its founders are no strangers to beauty. The husband-wife visionaries behind Art Of Shaving, Myriam and Eric Malka became fanatical about botanicals before ‘clean beauty’ ever bloomed. As industry insiders, they had an advantage: they already knew the best chemists and suppliers. But they also knew the truth: most chemists weren’t working with truly natural and organic ingredients, and most suppliers weren’t sourcing the highest quality raw materials. Quality and transparency were non-negotiables for the founders, so they decided to do it their own way: with their own lab, a small proprietary network of ethical suppliers, and innovative low-waste packaging, to boot. As for what to call it? Well, the brand named itself. Ingredients®, because what else is there?

Ingredients® Products

Labels Demystified

While ‘clean beauty’ may be vague, Ingredients® is anything but. To keep with their promise to deliver cleaner than clean, 100% plant-based, organic ingredients in potent concentrations, they couldn’t just slap a label on it and call it a day. So, they did what no beauty brand has dared to do: they listed each ingredient with exact percentages on the front of the box and bottle, taking transparency to a whole new level. Once you experience this refreshing approach to product labeling, you’ll wonder why this isn’t the standard.

Concentrations, Defined

When you see it, you may not believe it? Rose and neroli hydrosol at 90% seems lavish, while tremella mushroom at 1% sounds like not much more than a microdose. Too much of a good thing can cause irritation. Not enough and you don’t see the results, leading to frustration. What Ingredients® promises is high potency at the most effective concentration. You’ll enjoy the instant gratification of knowing the ingredient profile in exact concentrations, all at first glance.

Organic, Democratized

Ingredients® was founded on the believe that everyone should have access to organic. We know that eating farm-to-table delivers the highest quality nutrition, right? Ingredients® follows this model as closely as possible. The fewer stops an ingredient makes, the cleaner–and less expensive–the product is. That’s why Ingredients® has worked hard to abbreviate the supply chain and deliver organic formulas that are more accessible to everyone. Highly concentrated, quality ingredients are inherently costly. But with Ingredients®, you’ll discover a beautiful balance of fair pricing, great value and superior quality. We think it’s downright refreshing.

Minimalism, Celebrated

The things we use every day should be of the highest quality. They should also be simple, effective, and supportive. Ingredients® celebrates the simplicity of the daily routine with an edited line of essentials that can benefit everyone. No niche products, just great products that we all need.

Ingredients® Plant Water Mist

The Daily Essentials, Delivered

In our August Beauty Heroes Discovery, we deliver Ingredients® best-selling products. Our Hero product is the addictively fragrant Plant Water Mist formulated with 96% floral waters and 4% probiotics to help smooth and soften skin, while it hydrates. Already a customer favorite, proprietary blend includes rose, neroli and lavender hydrosols sourced directly from the best producers to ensure purity and freshness. The magic is in the non-aerosol mister that delivers the finest mist for a burst of cooling calm whenever the moment strikes. There are so many ways to enjoy this Hero product, we know you’ll enjoy discovering all of them.

Ingredients® Face Serum

Our first Sidekick is Ingredients® Face Serum free from additives, binders or emulsifiers. The gel format delivers functional hydration packed with phytonutrients from a concentrated aloe vera infused with calendula, moisture surging tremella mushroom and a vegetable collagen with over 30 amino acids. Layer it into your skincare ritual for instant hydration and plumping.

Ingredients® Body Oil

Perfect for all ages and genders, Ingredients® travel-friendly Body Oil helps restore the skin’s elasticity and natural lipid barrier with nourishing oils that absorb quickly. Organic jojoba from a producer in Israel is blended with organic baobab oil from Senegal as the base of this light-weight vitamin-rich Sidekick. Also, copaiba oil, which is like CBD, is exceptional for soothing muscles and joint pain. The universal citrus-vanilla scent offers up a not- overly sweet treat resembling an organic creamsicle.

Summer skin rituals should focus on protection and replenishment, and that’s what this month’s ritual delivers. There are so many ways to experience this month’s 3-product Discovery, here’s just one way to play:

Pai Gentle Hydrating Cleanser

Cleanse and decongest with Pai’s camellia and rose enriched Middlemist Seven Cream Cleanser. Massage onto dry skin, then add water to gently left way dirt and makeup while softening the skin.

Ingredients® Plant Water Mist

Refresh and deeply hydrate with Ingredients® Plant Water Mist.
Made from a steam distillation of organic rose, neroli and lavender, this Hero product delivers an exceptional hydration experience. Press the mister hard to break the seal, hold 8-10 inches away from face and/or body and generously mist to hydrate, refresh, and calm skin. A must for after cleansing, perfect for après-workout and an essential carry-on for traveling.
Boost hydration and with Ingredients® Face Serum. Restorative and calming organic rose, calendula, aloe, tremella mushroom and vegetable collagen offer skin long-lasting hydration in this lightweight formula. Apply one to two pumps to clean skin on the face, neck and chest area. Press in gently.

Blissoma's Daily Moisturizer

Protect, moisturize, and nourish with Blissoma Photonic Light Shifting Solution SPF 25. The ultimate mineral facial sunscreen with a featherweight, perfecting finish. This sheer, mineral- based broad-spectrum sunscreen protects from UVA/UVB rays. You may use as a solo moisturizer or layer on top of serum for extra nourishment. Reapply every 2 hours spent outside.

Ingredients® Body Oil

Massage and nourish, replenishing the skin’s lipid barrier with Ingredients® Body Oil. This lightweight body oil contains a proprietary blend of anti- inflammatory oils and extracts that improve skin texture, leaving your skin soft and supple. Gently massage body oil onto skin. For best results, use this restorative oil on damp skin directly after a shower or bath.

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