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Inlight Beauty Slow and Simply Skincare Ritual

Inlight Beauty Slow and Simple Skincare Ritual

There’s something about the long days and warm nights of summer that invite simple, light and luxurious rituals, fragrant blooms, and silky textures on the skin. This is the inspiration for this month’s Slow and Simple Skincare Ritual, featuring Inlight Beauty, an AM or PM routine that brightens, tightens and protects for 24-hour radiance and rejuvenation. Follow as instructed, or create your own with other beauty must-haves from the Beauty Store.


Leahlani’s Pamplemousse Tropical Enzyme Cleansing Oil

Cleanse. Add a splash of water to 2-3 pumps of Leahlani’s Pamplemousse Tropical Enzyme Cleansing Oil, and feel the excess sebum, makeup and buildup instantly dissolve and rinse away. Opulent tropical oils lift away dirt, while enzymes from pineapple and papaya gently refine for softer, smoother skin.

Inlight Beauty’s Floral Tonic

Hydrate. On freshly cleansed, slightly damp skin, generously press Inlight Beauty’s Floral Tonic into skin, neck and decollate using hands or a saturated cotton round. The soothing, replenishing floral water hydrates while balancing skin’s pH. Allow to absorb.

Ayuna Eye Serum

Protect. Take special care of the most delicate skin around the eyes with Ayuna Eye Serum. Gently press 2 droplets into the skin, from the upper eyelid out towards the temple, then under towards the inner corner of the eye. Using a semi-circular motion, press the skin from the inside corners outward until fully absorbed.

Henné Organics Illumine Face Oil

Illuminate. On hydrated skin, apply 1-2 droppers of Henné Organics Illumine Face Oil into the palms of hands, then press into the face. Skin will appear immediately more supple and radiant, thanks to the vitamins and essential fatty acids that brighten and revitalize the skin.

Inlight Beauty’s Neck Firming Serum

Nourish. Take the extra time to nourish the delicate skin on the neck and decollate with Inlight Beauty’s Neck Firming Serum, a subtly scented dry oil that delivers antioxidants, plant-based retinol, vitamin E and C to firm and brighten the appearance of the skin. A little goes a long way; use twice a day.