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Josh Rosebrook: More Than Skin Deep

A household name in green beauty, Josh Rosebrook takes the conversation deeper.

I met Josh Rosebrook through my friend Laurel Shaffer, founder of Laurel Whole Plant Organics. She introduced us during the opening of her new studio space right here in Sausalito, California. Josh had a line of people waiting to talk to him, to ask questions, to learn, so she had to wait until everyone left to make the introduction.

Josh Rosebrook has this rare quality about him – an openness, an energy, that draws you in – the best way to describe it is as a positive aura. Since meeting him, and in the few times we have met in person, our conversations are never surface level; we can’t help but go deep. In fact, I’ve taken to sharing books, resources and even meditations with him because, selfishly, I want to hear his thoughts about them the next time we meet.

Last month, Josh was in the Bay Area for a visit, and I asked if he would sit down with me for an interview where we could take the conversation deeper than haircare (we know no other way); the result is this conversation. As you watch, you’ll see that this interview is only partially about his green beauty products because, if you’ve ever spoken to Josh, you know his company is about more than what’s inside a bottle.

If you’re a fan of Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, grab a hot cup of tea and settle in for this video with Josh Rosebrook, which is our soulful version for Green Beauty. I hope you enjoy as we talk about his inspirational story and prolific products, his own rituals, how to use this month’s Hero product, Active Enzyme Exfoliator, his current reading list and so much more.

Oh and by the way, after we chatted at the Beauty Heroes flagship store, we made our way to Sausalito where we first met for a pitcher of white peach sangria at Bar Bocce, followed by vegan fare at Avatar’s Sausalito, where we took the conversation even deeper. So much fun. Enjoy!