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Laurel Skin Compounds

Laurel Skin: Introducing Skin Compounds 

With the launch of Laurel Skin’s third compound (in a series of six), we thought it was time to pause and do a thorough introduction of this unique skincare concept. But before we dive in, it would be appropriate to briefly re-introduce the founder of the most tenured green beauty brand at Beauty Heroes. Founder Laurel Shaffer has been inspiring us with her whole plant, slow beauty formulas for over a decade, and has emerged as the leader in ultra-holistic, potent, green beauty. If you know Laurel or have followed her for any period of time (and we suggest that you do), you know that nothing in her world is simple. Everything is thoroughly investigated, sourced and considered. Her manufacturing is slow, ultra-small batch and in no way similar to the way products are manufactured in the big world of skincare. Laurel skincare is artisan, not scalable. Her formulas are complex, concentrated and impossible to replicate. As a formulator Laurel is inspired and uncompromising and her standards are beyond compare. 

Ask Laurel about any ingredient and she will tell you a long story. She will tell you how and where it’s grown, by who, what time of year it’s harvested and how to handle it until the whole plant lands in the Laurel lab, as well as how it collaborates with other plants, has been used in traditional medicine and how it interacts with our skin. There is no detail untouched in her botanical universe, one we know well and have come to appreciate more and more as artisan brands struggle to maintain their relevance among the mass produced.  

In 2022 Laurel introduced her very first skincare compound, the Hydration Compound, also known as Roots and Roses. She carefully presented it as an exclusive, small batch formula that was reserved for Laurel Skin Care clients who understand the power of whole plant formulation and the benefits it can produce. Earlier this year we saw the release of her second Compound, the Soothe Compound made specifically for ultra sensitive skin types or compromised skin. And this summer brings the release of her third compound, the Radiance Compound. This marks the halfway point of the series, as Laurel plans to launch a total of six compounds. 

In Laurel’s words, a compound is a skin ally and supplement that targets a specific need for your skin. Each compound has its own talent. The blends are painstakingly produced in tiny batches and extremely concentrated. Use only 1 to 3 drops maximum at a time when applying the compound. As you will see, each Laurel Skin compound has a unique collection of whole plant ingredients, collected, pressed, macerated, infused multiple times to get to the level of concentration worthy of a compound. Laurel wants you to think of compounds as your skincare medicine cabinet, reach for what your skin needs, when it needs it. 

Laurel Skin Radiance Compound

Launching her latest creation, Laurel’s Radiance Compound is a dynamic fusion of enzymes, flavonoids, and potent antioxidants. The hibiscus flower’s protective calyx is carefully macerated with the vibrant camu camu citrus fruit, unlocking powerful concentrations of botanical vitamin C. Bilberry, enriched with arbutin and essential minerals, is meticulously pressed alongside elderberries, unveiling an array of dynamic antioxidants, enzymes, and acids. To enhance the blend, papaya seeds—rich in natural alpha hydroxy acids and caffeic acid—are infused in a refreshing organic blood orange hydrosol sourced from the Pacific Northwest. 

Laurel Skin Soothe Compound

The Laurel Soothe Compound is a potent blend specially designed for inflamed or irritated skin, aiming to provide relief from various skin issues such as redness, acne, sun damage, eczema, and perioral dermatitis. Infused with the hallmark qualities of calendula and oat, this compound harnesses calendula’s soothing properties, capturing its vast range of benefits from saponins, tannins, to flavonoids like quercetin and rutin. Oats, often known as Milky Oats in herbalism, offers immediate comfort to irritation, enriched with vital nutrients like zinc, manganese, and silica, strengthening and revitalizing tired skin. This combination results in a calming, nourishing formula that promotes hydration, protection, and relief.  The Soothe Compound is the go-to solution for a peaceful and harmonious complexion.

The Laurel Hydration Compound offers an innovative blend of whole plant extracts, meticulously formulated to target skin dehydration, dryness, and signs of aging like fine lines and loss of firmness. The essence of heirloom rose petals, complemented by the nutritive qualities of chia seed milk, merges seamlessly with the deeply hydrating properties of organic infusions of marshmallow and astragalus roots. Marshmallow root stands out, acting as nature’s alternative to hyaluronic acid, delivering profound hydration and plumping the skin. Heirloom Roses strengthen the skin’s barrier and elasticity, while chia seed milk provides both hydration and vital Omega 3 fatty acids. This compound aims to restore the skin’s balance, reduce inflammation, and enhance its overall resilience.

Compounds are intended to be pressed into skin after cleansing and hydrating with your preferred Skin Elixir. Apply 1-2 drops to fingertips and press in targeted areas or all over as needed. Follow with your favorite Laurel Skin serum or balm.