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LILFOX Products

LILFOX Evening Immersion Ritual

Inspire skin to live its best life with a decadent infusion of plant and flower actives This month’s ritual is an Evening Immersion in the alchemical mastery of LILFOX, designed to deliver born again skin by morning. Follow as instructed, or create your own with other beauty must-haves from the Beauty Store.


LILFOX Jungle Glow

Exfoliate. With a scoop of Jungle Glow, honey’s resurfacing enzymes get to work to not only remove dirt and impurities but also balance and tone the skin. Massage this honey-cacao-clay melange into damp skin and leave on for at least 5 minutes. Pat dry.

LILFOX Flower Goo
Hydrate. Packed with revitalizing and hydrating ingredients, three pumps of Flower Goo provide deep hydration, brighten the complexion, and even out skin tone. Apply to freshly exfoliated skin and let absorb for 2 minutes.

LILFOX Aphrodite

Saturate. Generously mist skin with Aphrodite, a crystal-infused floral water that instantly delivers hydration, sets the serum, and preps for the next moisturizing step.

LILFOX Succulent Pudding

Penetrate. A swipe of Succulent Pudding delivers a rich dose of essential fatty acids, peptides and phytonutrient hydration that locks in the benefits of the previous steps. Gently press a dime-size amount into the skin until absorbed. Don’t miss the neck + dec.

LILFOX Ambrosia Immortalis

Illuminate. The delicate skin around the eyes are often most vulnerable to dullness. Revivify with Ambrosia Immortalis, a leave-on eye mask formulated to reduce puffiness, firm, brighten and smooth. Apply under and around eyes, as well on eyelids and brows. *Avoid using on brows if you have microblading due to the gentle exfoliating factor of the dew beans.