Liquid Gold

In honor of National Honey Month (September), we invited Spa Superhero Julie Tao to fill us in on the singular benefits of raw honey – inside and out.

To think of summer is to think of bees humming away from flower to flower, collecting pollen and nectar to take back to the hive. Months later, beekeepers harvest their keeps and pull out panels thick with golden honey in its purest, raw state.

Raw honey is in its pure, natural state is free from any type of processing and so, like all foods, in its healthiest state. For centuries, this golden treasure has been used to naturally relieve allergies and sore throats and boost the immune system. These health benefits, equally effective today, are largely derived from the myriad of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, nutrients and enzymes that are retained when left unheated and unfiltered. Natural honey also has antifungal and antibacterial properties that make it useful for treating minor burns and small cuts, preventing infection while soothing the pain.  Because of its rich nutrition and its bacteria fighting superpowers, when applied directly on the skin it can treat acne and restore vibrance and energy to tired skin.  And in true multi-tasking heroic form, the natural sugar found in honey makes it the ultimate gentle exfoliator.

Be aware that the processed honey typically found in grocery stores has been heated and pasteurized killing most of its valuable nutrients. Raw honey is best purchased directly from a beekeeper. Farmers’ markets are a great resource plus you’ll get the added benefit of its having traces of local pollen, a naturopathic preventative for allergies. Honey is sometimes blended but more often than not you can find delicious jars of nectar collected from sage, lavender, orange blossom and other flowers that impart their delicate taste and color. My favorite, depending on where I’m living, is sage.

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