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Maya Chia The Mane Agent™

The Mane Agent: The Long and the Short of it

Continually pushing the bounds of clean science, Maya Chia is well known for highly effective skincare, but is now gaining equal credibility for active, proven hair care products. Through extensive research and a serious commitment to perfecting their formulations, the company has cut through the clutter of the beauty landscape with solutions for some of the more difficult, complex issues, like hair breakage, thinning and loss.

Maya Chia The Mane Agent™

What is Bond Repair?

Hair breakage and split ends occur as the disulfide bonds in our hair atrophy over time and strands become weakened. Heat styling, chemical treatments, UV damage and even some products contribute to weakening these bonds. While there’s very little on the market that truly resolves this issue, Maya Chia The Mane Agent™ is one product that allows us to achieve this lofty haircare goal. The Mane Agent™ is a patent-pending, multi-correctional, innovative bond repair treatment that works to deeply repair, reduce breakage, nurture and protect the hair’s bonds while enhancing the volume of the individual hair shaft. It works by covalently bonding with amino acids and keratin fragments in the hair to reduce and repair damage as it strengthens, conditions, protects and volumizes all at once.

The promises of many other bond repair treatments fall flat with their use of silicones, petroleum-based ingredients, polyquaternium salts and sulfates that can be harmful to our health and the environment. Consumers longing for real results and rigorous clean beauty standards will not be disappointed with Maya Chia The Mane Agent™.

Olaplex vs. The Mane Agent

You may be familiar with one of the leading bond repair hair care brands, Olaplex. The company uses a unique, patented ingredient, Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate, and has received high accolades. Maya Chia The Mane Agent’s clean beauty answer to the growing category of bond building haircare is a patent pending Chiaplex™ complex of chia seed oil and polysaccharides that bond to keratin fragments in human hair multiplying the bonds. It also forms a biomimetic cuticle that seals in hydration and helps your hair retain its style. Its botanically-based formula also contains a blend of amaranth seed oil, baobab, biotin, hydroxypropyltrimonium lemon protein, a b-vitamin complex and a long list of amino acids. Hair will feel full, shiny, strong, and never weighed down. You won’t find any synthetic fragrances in Maya Chia The Mane Agent™, just a light blend of certified organic juniper, cedar, lime, bergamot and lavender. Maya Chia provides you with a clean beauty alternative to some of the more harsh hair and scalp treatments you may have tried in the past. Who doesn’t love a good, clean dupe?

Maya Chia The Mane Agent™

How To Use It

Maya Chia The Mane Agent™ is easy to use. Mist on the mid-lengths to ends of towel-dried hair, then style. The formula activates with heat, blow dry and style as usual. It also works without heat if you air-dry.

Turn Hair Loss Into Gain

Breakage and split ends are frustrating enough on their own, but struggling with thinning hair can feel truly disheartening. Thinning can occur due to stress, hormones, aging, environmental stressors, and it’s common for people to try many hair “regrowth” products with little to no results. Lucky for us, Maya Chia takes a comprehensive approach to overall hair wellness with their patent-pending, nutrient-dense scalp treatment, Power Fol™ Advanced Multi-Correction Hair + Scalp Treatment.

The fast-absorbing, ultra-lightweight leave-in formula encourages the look of denser, stronger and healthier hair and minimizes the appearance of hair fallout. Power Fol™ gets to work right away using pea peptides to deliver an immediately visible volume boost. While you enjoy the look and feel of fuller hair, a potent blend of natural ingredients such as ashwagandha root extract, baikal skullcap, and clover extract provides a rich source of high-quality antioxidants, amino acids, collagen, fermented minerals, and adaptogens, all of which contribute to the health of your hair and scalp. These nutrient-rich ingredients go to work to reduce fallout and promote growth, while active ingredients like saw palmetto, ginseng extract, and red clover flower all serve to block DHT, which is known for causing hair loss. You can read more about the ingredients in our blog “The Fol Effect.”

Maya Chia The Mane Agent™ and Power Fol™

Even Better Together

For those wanting to recover your full head of thick, healthy hair, we recommend pairing Maya Chia The Mane Agent™ with Power Fol™. Apply Power Fol™ to roots and scalp and follow with The Mane Agent™ on mid-lengths to ends. From scalp to strand, Maya Chia delivers genuine and noticeable improvement in your hair wellness.