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One Way to Play, Featuring Free + True

Eliminating complexities from our daily experience can be immensely liberating. One way to start is by streamlining our daily skincare routine, swapping time-intensive rituals for an easy, efficient and effective AM + PM regimen. This month, we invite you to practice simple skincare with our Free + True daily skin regimen, suitable for morning and evening, and every skin type. Try it as instructed, or create your own with other beauty must-haves from the Beauty Store.


Free + True Soft Power

Step 1: Reveal
Procedure: Reveal clear, clean skin with Soft Power, a fluffy cleansing powder + exfoliant that polishes away impurities while restoring radiance. Dispense a teaspoon of powder into the palm of one hand, and using a wet finger, blend into a creamy milk. Massage onto the face in a gentle, circular motion, then rinse.

Free + True Milk Tansy Bi-phase Essence

Step 2: Replenish
Procedure: Replenish with Milk + Tansy Bi-phase Essence, a skin-soothing, complexion-softening, redness-reducing toner. Begin by gently shaking the bottle to active the milky emulsion, then dispense a quarter teaspoon of product into the palms of your hand and press onto face, neck and chest. Allow the lightweight serum toner to penetrate and absorb for 1-2 minutes before proceeding to the next step.

Free + True Ramblin Rose

Step 3: Restore
Procedure: Restore hydration at every level with Ramblin Rose, a hearty hydrating serum formulated with multi-weight hyaluronic acid that penetrates deeply while reinforcing the skin barrier. Apply 1-2 pumps into the palms of your hand and press onto face and neck.

Free + True Nature + Nurture

Step 4: Regenerate
Procedure: Regenerate elasticity, texture and tone with Nature + Nurture, a simple synergy of guava seed and squalane to nourish and revitalize the skin. Press 1-6 drops onto face, neck and chest and allow to absorb before proceeding to the final step.

Free + True Mama Pacha

Step 5: Reinforce
Procedure: Reinforce skin’s resilience with Mama Pacha, a nutrient and peptide-rich cream that helps skin maintain moisture hours after application. Dispense 1-2 pumps into your palm, massage onto skin.