OSEA: The Fruits of Ocean, Sun, Earth, and Atmosphere

OSEA’s namesake is of ocean, sun, earth, and atmosphere, a reminder that the finest ingredients come from the natural world and that OSEA’s skincare products are the combination and distillation of them.

When OSEA began nearly thirty years ago, its founder was driven by a single purpose: to find and use nature’s choice resources to develop the best skincare products possible. If their only claim to attaining that goal has been the venture’s success, they stand on good authority.

A Brief History of OSEA

A Brief History of OSEA

Jenefer Palmer, an ambitious Spa Director and Aromatherapist with a vision, set out to produce better skincare products, making use of nutrient-dense, mineral-packed seaweeds, and other natural components. Her education in and experience with acupressure and polarity and biodynamic craniosacral therapies gave her a solid foundation off of which to build her vision.

She believed that nature held some of the secrets to better skin care, and her family had an interesting history of association with seaweed and the sea, in particular. Her grandmother experienced an injury to her leg which healed only after she had begun swimming in the ocean routinely – despite the fact that it was winter.

Jenefer Palmer, and the rest of her family, were inspired deeply by this and believed that nutrient-filled, mineral-rich seaweeds could produce better skincare products.

Palmer certainly succeeded in one thing, at the very least. She produced a range of skincare products utilizing sea algae such as Undaria, Gigartina, and Macrocystis that nourish the skin with potent oils and powerful, highly bioavailable nutrients.

Cruelty-Free, Vegan, Sustainable Products

OSEA is proud of the fact that it has paved the way for the production of cruelty-free, vegan, clean beauty products. They were the first to bring seaweed-based skincare products to market, and they’ve continued their commitment to producing quality while maintaining high ethical standards.

Their skincare products are entirely vegan, made with plant-based, gluten-free, natural ingredients. In fact, they are entirely free of synthetic compounds, and if you were wondering how else they could be considered cruelty-free, consider this: lanolin, beeswax, and other natural compounds frequently found in cosmetics are animal products. They believe that animal rights matter, and make no use of these, or any animal products, in any of their skincare agents.

OSEA doesn’t just claim it; they’re certified, both by PETA and Leaping Bunny, as cruelty-free. They’re aware of the fact that it takes abundantly more resources, fuel, and land to produce animal-based products than it does to produce vegan alternatives, which in many cases may even be superior.

Skincare, Sourced Responsibly, from the Sea

OSEA is not only committed to selecting, harvesting, and concentrating nature’s finest resources. They’re also fully committed to sustainable processes that produce better results along the way.

The company’s founder located an extremely pure resource of potent seaweeds in the far-flung channels of Patagonia. Here, in these pristine waters, far from pollution and excessive ship traffic, OSEA’s harvesters – experienced divers – collect sea algae sustainably and responsibly, with particular care not to disrupt the ecosystems from which they are harvested.

This is only the beginning of their commitment to sustainability. They believe that skincare should be good for your skin – and the planet – and so they take their sustainability practices very seriously.

They harvest responsibly, but they also take care to use recyclable glass bottles and other eco-responsible packaging to minimize their impact on the environment. They’ve also eliminated animal-based and synthetic ingredients, a move that both protects animal rights and minimizes pollution, in one motion.

Pursuing Quality, and Why It Matters

Pursuing Quality, and Why It Matters

Even after they have secured the choicest ingredients, their pursuit of quality has only just begun. To these certified organic formulations of seaweed, they add pure steam-distilled and cold-pressed essential oils, such as Juniper, Jasmine, and Sesame oils, among others.

Their expertly formulated blends revitalize the skin. They diminish the appearance of unevenness as well as mitigating the appearance of blemishes. Hydrating, restorative, and nourishing, OSEA skin and facial cleaners rejuvenate your skin and impart a renewed, healthy appearance.

Firming, restoring, and formulated to provide holistic treatment of your skin, many of their skin creams, milks, and mudds are crafted with pleasant, fragrant essential oils frequently used in aromatherapy, that invigorate and stimulate the senses even after the blends have worked their magic on the skin.

A few of our top-selling OSEA products include Ocean Cleanser, the refreshing creamy gel cleanser with gentle lactic acid, organic seaweed, cypress and juniper. Also, Atmosphere Protection Cream, a lightweight unisex daytime moisturizer that is good for all skin types, including sensitive. And, Undaria Body Oil, one of the brand’s Hero products that delivers deep penetrating and long lasting skin nourishment from head to toe.

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