Blue Beauty PRIMA's Proofed Points

Blue Beauty: PRIMA’s Proof Points

What’s a Proof Point and why do we care? Beauty Heroes works with over 110 of the most people + planet conscious brands in the world, for real. When we meet a new brand, we look at the company holistically, from Founder to ingredients, processes to values. We ask the hard questions because you shouldn’t have to and probably don’t have the time. The brands we work with do a lot to create better products for people and planet. They inspire us and each other with their commitment to sustainability and conscious approach to business. And thanks to the Provenance sustainability platform, it’s possible for you to be easily connected to their efforts, bringing them forward right to their brand or product pages, embedding clickable Proof Points where they are easy for you, the conscious consumer, to find. With all the work our brands do to achieve milestone certifications, give back to important causes, invest in offsets and more, it’s hard to communicate everything they do in an efficient way. Provenance keeps it present and current, verifying a company’s claims and placing them on a blockchain, where they can be traced and tracked with just a click.

Screenshot of Blue Beauty PRIMA's Proofed Points

This month, we’re looking at PRIMA, a wellness brand that makes products that bring value to our lives, like this month’s Hero product Beyond Body Oil. PRIMA was founded in 2018 by green beauty veteran Jessica Assaf and Honest Co. veterans Christopher Gavigan and Laurel Angelica Myers. Together, their mission is to ease daily stress and improve mental and physical health with high-potency botanicals – while keeping a focus on sustainability throughout their complex supply chain.

Company Wide Provenance Proof Points

When you visit the PRIMA brand page, you’ll notice that they have 3 prominent Proof Points; B Corp Certified, Plastic Neutral and Climate Neutral. Let’s break them down:

B Corp Certified

If you click on this proof point, you’ll see that PRIMA is B Corp Certified through July 27, 2023. The proof point also contains links to detail how this was verified and more about what a B Corp certification entails.

Certified Plastic Neutral

If you click on this proof point, you will learn that PRIMA is certified as plastic neutral through RePurpose Global to offset plastic packaging in their products.

Certified Climate Neutral

This proof point is evidenced by PRIMA, who partners with Climate Neutral Certified to offset carbon created from the production and transport of PRIMA products. The proof point links to Climate Neutral Certified for more information.

Product Level Proof Points

When you visit a PRIMA product page, for example the product Sleep Tight, you will see that it has two proof points


This proof point is straightforward, it makes it easy to see that this product contains no ingredients derived from animals.

Scientifically Tested

This proof point is more complex, and it demonstrates that each batch of PRIMA’s CBD is third party tested. The proof point contains a link to enter your batch number and see the test results for the specific batch of that product. But also, there is a link to third party lab results for that specific product.

As Prima qualifies for more proof points, or if any expire, new proof points will appear, or disappear respectively. New brands are constantly being added to the Provenance platform and displayed on their own brand website, or on retailers websites, like Beauty Heroes. So, keep an eye out for Provenance proof points as you browse and shop brands you love.