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Radiance Revealed Ritual with LILFOX

From its beginning, LILFOX has pushed the boundaries of beauty artistically and scientifically, with products that combine crystal infusions, rich plant butters, groundbreaking biotech and immersive aromas in hand-crafted formulas that restore, rejuvenate and revitalize skin while transforming moods and elevating energy. As their formulations have evolved to include sophisticated emulsions that elevate our sacred rituals, their passion for treating beauty as an art form has remained the same. From exotic body butters and saturating soaks, to enchanting emulsions and succulent skincare, LILFOX is an open invitation to immerse yourself in ritual.

The skin rituals we reach for are sacred to our daily routine. Experience the aromatic beautysphere of LILFOX in the full Radiance Revealed Ritual or mix’n match with other Beauty Store must-haves.

Discover the Radiance Revealed Ritual Yourself. Here’s How:[/h3]

LILFOX Amazon After Dark

Energize your Cleanse with Amazon After Dark Cleansing Balm. Detoxify and nourish at once with the rainforest-replicating balm-to-milk cleanser born from exotic fruits and butters. Massage a dime-sized amount on a damp or dry face to remove makeup, sunscreen etc., deeply inhaling the dreamy aromatic notes of Madagascan rose germanium. Rinse thoroughly.

LILFOX Acid Glow

Resurface and Recenter with Acid Glow Repaid Retexture Peel. Apply a thin layer of the creamy, electric jelly to cleansed skin for at least 30 seconds. Leave on for up to 5 minutes as skin soaks up the multi-weight hyaluronic acid complex for a heavy dose of hydration. Add water and polish the bamboo powder to slough away tired cells revealing your freshest skin.

LILFOX Blue Legume

Reduce Burden with this month’s Sidekick, Blue Legume Soothing Hydration Mask. Blue spirulina microalgae support skin’s natural detoxification process and improve blood flow (so don’t be weary of a slight flush after use). Massage into a damp face and and leave on for 10 minutes or longer, immersing senses in the energizing scent of sweet & holy basil.

LILFOX Ambrosia Immortalis

Awaken Eyes and Senses with this month’s Hero product Ambrosia Immortalis Eye Mask. Apply the antioxidant and omega-packed mask around eyes, forehead, or anywhere you see lines and creases to support natural cell restoration, revealing more plump and smooth appearing skin.

LILFOX Marshmallow Poof

Relax and Rejuvenate with Marshmallow Poof Concentrate, enhanced with Prickly Pear Illuminating Nectar. The concentrated cocktail of cell-stimulating peptides joins with first-pressed Prickly Pear oil to fill wrinkles, relax facial muscles and firm skin’s appearance right before your eyes. Add a few drops of nectar to Concentrate, massaging gently into skin until absorbed while appreciating the grounding notes of balsam of Peru, vanilla, crushed violet leaves and jasmine.

LILFOX Chill Wands

Keep Skin Awake and Refreshed with an extreme cold treatment from LILFOX Chill Wands. Once chilled, press against the center of your forehead and roll both wands towards temples. Glide along brow line, around eyes, over cheekbones and along jaw line to depuff, sculpt and alleviate facial tension, repeating motions at least 10 times.

PRO TIP: For lymphatic drainage, hold wands under the center of your chin and glide along jawline towards ears, then finish with gentle pressure down each side of your neck. In between steps, generously mist face with Aphrodite Rose Quartz Toning Mist for an ongoing refresh inspired by wild garden roses.

LILFOX Products