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RANAVAT: Sacred, Eternal, Mighty

If there were an award for most evolved brand in 2020, it would go to RANAVAT. It’s hard to believe that just over a year ago, we were celebrating the launch of Luminous Ceremony, our January 2020 Hero product. Since then, Founder Michelle Ranavat has been hard at work bringing forth her vision of creating a line that evokes a genuine feeling botanical luxury, fit for royalty. While that sounds like it could be full of fluff, I can assure you, RANAVAT is anything but. While the ingredients and guiding principles are the same, the brand has evolved into what you see today, a newly packaged, sophisticated collection of well thought out products that feel decadent and accessible at the same time. In RANAVAT, Michelle’s professional experience with ingredient sourcing is perfectly complimented by her sophisticated personal style to elevate the rituals she grew up with, where Ayurveda was a part of everyday well-being. As you’ll discover through our March Beauty Discovery, each of the three products included awaken all the sense while delivering the goods.

RANAVAT Face Polish

As we straddle the season between winter and spring, we announce our new, well-timed RANAVAT Hero product, Imperial Glow Face Polish, an elevated exfoliant formulated with rind rice powdered and nourishing almond oil that purifies, refines and moisturizes at once, creating a clean canvas for hydrating layering to follow.

True to RANAVAT’s royal roots, this exfoliating cleanser is gentle enough for daily use, but rich enough to feel like a treat. The creamy emulsion is infused with a decoction of traditional Ayurvedic herbs including ashwagandha, licorice root, lotus flower, saffron, haritaki and amla – a list of active ingredients that are potent enough for a leave on treatment. The refined rice granules are spherical and smooth, ensuring a non-abrasive exfoliation that does not lead to micro-tears but leaves luxury at your fingertips.

RANAVAT Products

Our Hero is supported with two Sidekicks, the first of which is Mighty Majesty Fortifying Hair Serum, one of Michelle’s first creations. The genius to this product is the high percentage of amla oil, a traditional Indian gooseberry that does wonders for hair. Free of anything resembling a silicone(found in almost every conventional hair serum out there), the formula delivers silky strands worth of a crown. The award-winning hair serum is crafted with a trifecta of cold-pressed, organic sunflower oil, jasmine oil and precious amla – high in oleic acid, vitamin C and vitamin E.

This multi-tasking product can be applied to dry hair to tame frizz and while also doubling up as an overnight hair and scalp treatment to soothe, moisturize and refortify the hair from root to tip.

RANAVAT Sacred Rose Hand Cream

Also included in this month’s celebration of RANAVAT is the recently launched Sacred Rose Hand Cream that comes in the prettiest tube ever created. From the fragrant fields of Pushkar, a lake town in the desert state of Rajasthan, famous for sweeping views of white temples and red rose gardens, come the crown jewel of this exquisite hand cream: The Pushkar Rose. Long cherished by royals as one of the most precious early gifts, the rose is known to soften, brighten and hydrate the skin. Sacred Rose Hand Cream offers a luxurious antidote to over-scrubbed and hyper-sanitized hands, providing instant relief and intense moisture with nourishing oils of sesame, sunflower, manjistha and sweet almond.

If ever there were a brand begging for ritual, it’s RANAVAT. So, grab your Kansa Wand, because here’s one way to play:

RANAVAT Face Polish

Squeeze a dime size amount of Imperial Glow Facial Polish into palms and gently massage into dry skin using circular motions across forehead, nose, cheeks and chin to ceremoniously lift oil, debris and flakey particles. Inhale the calming aroma. Splash warm water to rinse skin clean. Pat dry.

Spritz Jasmine Tonique Hydrating Mist generously on and around face, hair and décolleté, inhaling the intoxicating aroma of this single ingredient hydrosol. Using the pads of your fingertips, gently press into the skin.

RANAVAT Radiant Rani Serum

Restore skin’s luminosity with Radiant Rani, an award-winning oil-based treatment serum that packs 18 organic ingredients to brighten skin, fade dark spots and encourage cellular renewal. Press 2-3 drops into skin to support absorption. If you have a RANAVAT Kansa Wand and massage in using circular movements around the face, neck and chest. Follow with a few sprays of Jasmine Tonique.

RANAVAT Bakuchi Crème

Massage a small scoop of Eternal Reign Bakuchi Crème into moist, dewy skin to help the serum penetrate even deeper, and to provide deep nourishment and intense moisture.

RANAVAT Mighty Majesty Fortifying Hair Serum

Apply several drops of Mighty Majesty Fortifying Hair Serum on clean, brushed hair, from mid shaft to the tips. The light serum texture will penetrate hair strands for a shiny, lightweight and fragrant finish.

RANAVAT Sacred Rose Hand Cream

Lavish clean, dry hands with Sacred Rose Hand Cream, the ultimate treat for hard working hands. The skin-softening benefits of Damask rose, and sweet almond oil provide instant relief and intense moisture, while the intoxicating aroma calms the spirit and expands the heart, in the way that only the essence of rose can.

RANAVAT Products