Roller Rabbit: A Beautiful Balance of Perfection and Imperfection

Sustainability, healthy ingredients, and performance are some of the things we stand for here at Beauty Heroes. While many of our products are for skin, body and self-care, we carry a few accessories we truly love that are worthy of the spotlight for other, but similar reasons.

Roller Rabbit is an example of one of our most-loved brands that, though not categorically a beauty product, exemplifies our virtues. Conscientious customers in search of a new travel makeup case of luxuriously comfortable sleepwear will be delighted by our expertly curated assortment of Roller Rabbit products that are exemplary for quality, construction, and style.

Humble Origins, Timeless Patterns

Roller Rabbit traces its inspiration to a piece of waste fabric in India. This piece of hand block printed cotton – this “scrap,” as it would appear to some – bore the image of a rabbit on its quest for joy. Both the image and the hand block printing technique that produced it served as the inspiration for the foundation of Roller Rabbit, which still makes use of uplifting patterns and skilled techniques today, throughout all of its fabrics and garments.

Hand block printing is a technique that is widespread throughout certain parts of the world, and uses hand-carved blocks of wood – printing blocks – to impress an image on a piece of fabric. This technique is often employed to produce complex, repeating patterns that cover an entire garment. In the case of Roller Rabbit’s designs, bright colors and intriguing movement typify their collection.

The brand can be recognized by its hand block printed cotton garments and accessories that place an emphasis on the light-heartedness of fun and all that is good. The people behind the scenes at Roller Rabbit believe that fun is their guiding principle, and they’ve worked tirelessly to translate that joie de vivre, that lust for life, into all of their unique, hand-printed textiles.

It’s Still About the “Ingredients”

One thing that really stands out about Roller Rabbit is that although they don’t make wellness and beauty products in the traditional sense of the term, they’re still committed to using high-quality ingredients.

Many of their designs are printed on and created from 100% pima cotton. Believe it or not, not all cottons are the same grade. There are three main types of cotton, being Upland Cotton, Egyptian Cotton and Pima Cotton.

For its part, pima cotton is what is considered an “extra-long-staple cotton,” which means that it has unusually long fibers. These long fibers allow pima cotton to create soft, smooth fabrics and garments that are resistant to pilling, fraying, wrinkling and even fading.

Cotton is also widely hailed as one of the most beneficial natural materials from which clothing and other textiles can be fashioned. Pima cotton, specifically, is admired for its luxurious softness as well as its durability, but it also bears plenty of other beneficial attributes on top of these.

Naturally Softer, Naturally Superior Cotton Clothing and Accessories

Cotton – pima cotton or otherwise – is renowned for a variety of properties that make it uniquely suited to create more comfortable, durable, generally superior textiles.

Cotton is not just a durable, resilient fabric. It is also an excellent choice of material for moisture control, which keeps wearers more comfortable, fights odors, and helps to prevent the growth of pathogens.

Natural cotton fibers are also better for sensitive skin types, as cotton is considered hypoallergenic and almost never incurs allergic reactions, even among sensitive individuals. This, coupled with the reason that cotton is naturally breathable and excellent at moisture control, is why cotton garments and bedsheets are considered some of the best.

Cotton clothing and accessories are also comfortable when worn throughout the seasons, warm in the winter and breathable in the summer. It has excellent thermoregulatory properties and stretches with the wearer, allowing it to conform to unique contours.

Style for Every Taste

As if there weren’t already so much to love about Roller Rabbit’s comfortable, practical products, their styles represent a diverse celebration of lust for life. Featuring unique, hand-printed patterns and vibrant motifs, their designs balance bursts of color with tasteful doses of negative space. Our favorites are their Hearts and Monkey collections, but we’ve been known to expand into some of their limited edition prints. They believe in balancing the perfect elements with the imperfect elements that arise in hand-crafted work, and they do an elegant job of authoring it.

Their unique, stylish patterns run the gamut from warm, colorful heart-patterned makeup travel cases to more somber, calming sleepwear bedecked with cooler colors. Comfortable, uniquely, aesthetically pleasing, and unforgettably fashionable, Roller Rabbit’s product collection, like our other sought out brands, is best-in-class.

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